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The over arching Theme of The Everyday Witch column, is “Foundations for Successful Witchcraft”.  Correspondences make up that foundation and at its core are considered  “The rudimentary knowledge one should have before committing oneself to the Craft”.    Correspondences provide The Everyday Witch with the tools to notice the” magic in the mundane” and to use that knowledge to conduct effective Spelling.   In order for us to make communicating with the Gods & Goddesses in our daily lives a natural occurrence, we must first experience the magic of Correspondences first hand.

We begin with Belief.  When a Witch possesses the Belief that s/he CAN practice effective Magic, then s/he WILL practice effective Magic.  Correspondence Witchcraft provides validation for the Witch with visual images.  The March Column continues our project from February, the tool to assist in visualizing Correspondences essential to the practice of Witchcraft and Magic.  As I stated in last month’s column, our project is timed to the moon and is designedso that is5 to be completed in time for Ostara 2009.

All the panels should be applied to the box/pages/etc by the first weekend of March

The full moon falls on March 10th, a Tuesday. March is the Wishing Moon, the best time for the dedication ritual, of your new magic tool.  Dedicating the box on the Wishing Moon will intensify your focus as you use the box. Remember, this ritual is not for a specific wish, but to channel the energy of the Wishing Moon, into the box and charge it with Full Moon energy.

The Spring Equinox or Ostara is a time for planting and seeding to prepare for the new growth in the coming year.  It is a time that is culturally rich with fables, myths, scripture and lore.  The Spring Equinox has been the bridge of Correspondence and the bedrock of the Eclectic Witchcraft movement in the modern age.  Because I practice Witchcraft as a Religion and Science, my beliefs center on worship of Deity.  Correspondence Witchcraft is classified as a Religion only when it incorporates God & Goddess worship during the execution of Ritual and Spell work.  Therefore, the practice of Correspondence Witchcraft is quite hands-on with focused engagement.  Like other American Religions, this path requires a commitment.

I turn now to the practice of our Craft, with the examination of our Ostara/Spring Equinox ritual, including magical spell working.  The ritual I have chosen to publish here with PaganPages.org is the culmination of over 9 years of practice.  The original baseline structure for the ritual is the result of Lady Sankofa’s work with Sankofa Pride 2000 through 2003.

If you are looking for inspiration for your project, here are some links, and videos:

Oberon Zell Magical Correspondence – youtube link

While Hekate & Hermes are play a significant role in the springtime lore of Persephone’s return to the Earth, these Gods of the Underworld are rarely celebrated as new Spring Love.

We are all familiar with the role of Hekate as Persephone’s guide in the Underworld.  Hekate uses her torch light to show Persephone the way out of the Underworld.  It is also Hekate, with the assistance of Hermes, negotiates the ransom of Persephone.  One can imagine the quick-witted and resourceful Hekate working out the deal between Demeter & Hades and Persephone & Hades.  We might even imagine Hekate, the Queen of the Witches, solving this dilemma on her own.

The celebration of Love & Courtship between Hekate & Hermes reminds us that through the Sacred Marriage are we able to accomplish anything we set our goals on.  Please check The Everyday Witch myspace and website for the completed Ostara Ritual.

Correspondence is the foundation, Spelling is the structure.

As promised, the Full Moon Ritual Structure and Spelling/Meditation Outline.

Most of you know that there are hundreds of books available on this subject.  My intention is not to reprint age old information, but to give you another perspective.  The idea is to focus on the intentions, thoughts, states of being, rather than the physical execution of the ritual and spell.

Your magic box/panels become the central focus of the stream of consciousness.  Pay attention to things happening in your life, images you see daily.  You want to take just a moment to think about which God & Goddess you want to work with for this Sabbat Ritual.  Obviously, this article will be using Hekate & Hermes.

The overarching structure of the ritual is as follows:

Set up altar, declare sacred space/altar devotion, and declare intentions

Cast circle try to use sage, holy (salt&rose) water and a bell – it’s formality.

Call Quarters

Invite God & Goddess

Meditation & Spell Work

Cakes & Ale (Communion, Bread & Wine)

Release God & Goddess

Release Quarters

Open Circle

The Altar and Sacred Space/Temple, should be set up to reflect Spring, and Romantic Love.  While both Hekate and Hermes have a dark and erotic side to their relationship, this celebration is about Love.  The colors of these two Gods is Gold, Yellow, Orange, Brown and Green and of course White.

Correspondence – Hermes:

Greek God of communication, Magic, Medicine, Merchants, Thieves and Liars.
Correspondences: opal, fire-opal, agate, vervane, hermaphrodite, jackal, swallow, ibis, ape
Roman God Mercury.
Egyptian/Kemetic God Toth

Related to Dionysis, Zeus, and Hekate, but is connected to all of the Gods as the Divine Messenger.

Correspondence – Hekate:

Greek Goddess of the Crossroads, Queen of the Witches, Magic, Herbs, and Women.
Correspondences: honey, dogs, black ewes

A Key, A Rope and A Dagger. With the Key to the underworld, Hecate unlocks the secrets of the occult mysteries and knowledge of afterlife. The Rope symbolizes the umbilical cord of rebirth and renewal and the Dagger or Athame is a symbol of ritual power.

Related to Persephone, Demeter as the Triple aspect, but is connected to all of the Gods.

It is important to consider how you will call your quarters.  I have chosen to invoke The Royal Stars of Persia for the Elemental Watchtowers.

Endowed with almost archangelic power, these legendary stars of antiquity are Aldebaron, Regulus, Antares and Fomalhaut, and in the epoch of 5,000 years ago they were considered to be guardians of the four corners of heaven and watchers of the directions, forming a heavenly cross near the ecliptic.


Aldebaran, King of the Vernal Equinox, the Eye of Taurus, Ruler of the Eastern Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Air.

Regulus, King of the Summer Solstice, the Heart of Leo, Ruler of the Southern Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Fire

Antares, Queen of the Autumn Equinox, the Scorpion’s Tail, Ruler of the Western Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Water.

Foralhaut, Queen of the Winter Solstice, the Heart of Pisces, Ruler of the Northern Sky, Guardian of the Elements of Earth.

Meditation & Spell Work

This is where the magic box comes in handy.  For the Magic, you need an egg, some marking pens and the magic box.

During the meditation portion of the ritual, you should play some light background music.  Take the egg and handle it gently.  Write on the egg all of the things you want to purge or cast out of your life.

Once you have written on the egg, sing your favorite chant, or recite the Witches Rune, to charge the egg.  Place it in your magic box.  It may stay in the box for up to one Mon Cycle.

At the next Full or Dark Moon (your choice), take the egg and find a crossroads far from your home.  Ideally you want a location that you do not frequent and in fact have no plan to ever visit again.  Walk to the center of the crossroads and smash the egg.  Walk away, do not look back and go on with your life as usual.  Within 30 days or one Moon Cycle you will begin to see change.

Remember to use keywords in your research for correspondences.  You can start with a Goddess, a color or a season and branch out from there.  The inter-relationships you choose for your ritual and spell work will provide the foundation for your magic.  Solitary practice can take longer, simply because you must conduct all the research yourself.  Group practice is easiest, as you have many hands to help in the crafting of the circle.

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