Animal Wisdom

Animals That Heal

It’s been known for years that bringing animals to cancer wards, nursing homes and facilities of the like actually help the sick improve their health. The excitement and unconditional love these animals give is the best medicine for any person. But did you know that animals can really heal people?

Our favorite pets are natural Reiki Masters, attuned to earth energy they can call upon the healing energy of Mother Earth to help heal those they care about. Animals can sense earthquakes, death, intruders and the like way before we can. So it isn’t that far fetched to say that they are also illness detectives, Marvin my blue Russian/Siamese mix for example will try to lay where ever there is pain. Oftentimes I don’t even show that I am hurting but he knows right where to lay and will fight me every step of the way to get up on the spot. Even if it means laying around my head.

After recognizing Marvin’s abilities I began to use him with my clients and they love it! I will put a client up on the massage table and Marvin will walk around the table a couple of times. Then he will stop. I will ask if there have been any issues and that particular area. The first time this happens for a client they can’t believe it. Then it becomes common practice. You will be amazed at what an animal can tell you about yourself.

I had one client who had cancers in her abdomen. I had Marvin get up on the table per usual and he immediately laid down and put his forepaws on her stomach right where the cancers were. Except when I tried to move him he wouldn’t budge. I let him stay and decided to work with him instead of against him. So we gave the woman her Reiki treatment together. After that first session she said she had more energy and eating wasn’t half as painful as it had been!

The point of this is to inspire you to listen and watch your animals more closely. If they repeatedly lay on a certain spot take a note of it. Something may be brewing there. Animals are like spirit guides here to help us on our path, teach life lessons and be our partners. Would you ignore the advice of your significant other? Probably not, so why ignore the advice of your animal. These little people in fur coats are highly communicative and always trying to speak to us. So pay attention. Especially when it comes to medical concerns. I am not saying that your cat should replace your doctor. Merely that you should pay attention to what they have to say.