Oracles & Omens

Dreams II..
The Place Where Karma Is Counted

“Dreams are illustrations…from the book your soul is writing about you.”  Marsha Norman

Where do we go when we dream?  I know that literally our bodies stay in our beds, but where does the mind go when we are resting?  It is my personal belief that our soul travels to another realm or frequency.   I suppose to fully understand the view from where I stand a brief explanation is needed.  For me there is a place, a place that we all come from, a place where our spirits are energies, a place where karma is counted.  I suppose the easiest way to sum it up would be to call it home base.  When we travel here in dreams we don’t have all access pass as we would when we cross over.  Let’s say there is a “visiting room” where spirits we have known, or will someday know, can visit us and give us messages, advice or even subtle hints.  I believe that when we sleep our true self travels to this realm to gather information or just to reconnect with our being.  Do you suppose we could have left clues for ourselves?  Perhaps hidden messages that only we would know the meanings of.   Although these types of dreams are flooded with knowledge and hints, we cannot look at every dream we have to be a sign or omen.  It’s a known fact that events from our days tend to leak from our subconscious and translate into our slumbering minds.

Not all of our dreams so easy to understand, not quite as cut and dry as we would like.  Say, for instance, you had a dream that you were being chased by the cookie monster.  I don’t think you would literally have to steer clear of streets named sesame, but it could by that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that you know it’s time to start your diet.  Dreams often show us symbols of things that only we would understand the meanings.  This is why it is not always possible to look up dreams in a dream dictionary or take them “given” meaning of a sign.  For example, if I see the color powder blue in a dream it is an indication of a childhood experience.  We had an old rotary phone that was that color and it always takes me back there.

Colors often do play an important role in our dreams.  It is a good idea to write down the colors you see in your dreams as well as the feelings or emotions brought forth by the hues.  One of my favorite dream resources is The Element Encyclopedia of 20,000 Dreams by Theresa Cheung.  There is an outstanding color reference chart included in the book that I would like to briefly outline for you.  But, remember these are not always the exact meanings and your own intuition is your best guide.

Black: Represents death, old ideas or change.  Often analyzed as the shadowy effects in our minds as unfulfilled parts of our lives.
Brown: Often a sign of commitment or self-sufficiency, telling you to work hard and take control of aspects in your life.
Green: Linked to feelings of calmness and hope.  Sometimes green is thought to mean a fresh approach or growth in ideas.  On the other hand, green can be linked to jealousy and being stubborn.
Orange: Associated with generosity, optimism and thoughtfulness.  Orange surfaces and staircases in dreams may represent positive journeys.
Pink: Unconditional love and powers of healing.  A pink window or door may suggest an unexplored opportunity for happiness.
Red: Passion and energy are often associated with red.  On the negative side, red can also indicate rage or violent emotions.  Depending on your circumstance red can be a warning sign.
White: When you dream of white it could be your subconscious urging you to discover the truth of a situation or to find your own truth.  White symbolizes completeness and innocence.
Yellow: Yellow in dreams is often thought to be a symbol of intellect and the ability to think clearly.  This is a good color for helping you see the way to improving self-confidence and moving forward.

Like I said earlier, these dream connections are only a guide to help you connect with your own meanings of the colors.  A great exercise to do is to sit and write down various colors with room after each to note your feelings.  As you read each color name aloud you should visualize that color all around you and write down the feelings you have, or the memories that they bring forward.  Your own color reference chart will be much more helpful, not to mention closer to your heart.

I would like to continue our dreaming discussion again next month, hope you will join me.