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Fairy Cross Stone


There are two kinds of Fairy Cross Stones, Andalusite and Staurolite.  Andalusite has markings that resemble a cross; these stones are naturally long tubes with the cross on one or both ends.  Andalusite is oftentimes tumbled.  Staurolite resembles crosses themselves and is often found on a larger matrix.  Both stones have the same meaning and are often called Fairy Cross Stones.


The name Fairy Cross Stone gives hint to the stone’s power.  These stones are thought to attract fairies and therefore they represent the four elements and their power.  They help you balance these elements.  Fairy Cross Stones also help you see past illusion.  Using the power of the fairies they attract, these stones can be a gateway to mystery, helping you understand events and dissolve illusion.  By connecting different planes it can facilitate communication between these levels of existence.  It is even believed that these stones first formed as a result of the tears the fairies cried at the crucifixion of Jesus.

Fairy Cross Stones are also protective and healing.  They can dispel negative thoughts and feelings.  It is a very creative stone that can help transmute conflict into harmony.  With their problem solving properties, you are able to see the problem more rationally and se the various sides allowing us to remain strong.

If you have a tendency to over work or over commit yourself, Fairy Cross Stones combat these negative personality traits.  This property also makes the stone helpful if you are trying to quit smoking.  They aid in healing the affects of these bad habits and alleviate depression and stress, even helping us understand death.

As a good luck talisman they were used to war off ill wishes and curses, which helped overcome the feeling of going mad.  They represent devotion, change, and power.  Fairy Cross Stones tend to be a little more expensive, but their usefulness in ritual makes them an excellent addition to your collection.