Tri-State Interfaith Festival


Greetings to those reading this. I want to take a minute and sum up what this festival is all about. I personally got tired of dealing with everything wrong in this world: The corrupt political views, the destruction of our environment, the petty labels that society places upon those to cause separation and segregation. The sole fundamentals of this festival is I’m asking everyone for just one weekend out of a year to put aside all your mainstream prejudices and come together, people concerned about humanity and nature.

I invite all paths of beliefs: Christian, Wicca, Pagan, Hindu, Muslim, Native American, Voodoo, Methodist, Agnostic, Protestant, Catholic, and all the others too many to list to come together and exist together peacefully and nonjudgmental for a weekend in nature. To celebrate nature and offer her healing energies we create from our weekend together. Our mission this year is DRUMS-Natures healing rhythm. Please come and enjoy a weekend of fun and music as you have never experienced.
I think with everything going on in the world, we all need to spend a weekend together, learn, laugh, and grow as people. Come feel the breeze in your hair in a very special nook located in the tip of the northern panhandle of West Virginia. We are located 1 mile from Ohio and 3 miles from Pennsylvania. There are several major highways leading into us to make it simple to find and a rather short drive for most in the tri-state area. Enjoy the warm summer nights, a sky full of stars, and good companionship as we host a gathering that most only dream of.
This year the festival will be packed full of non stop entertainment. We have 8 bands coming to perform from New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Indiana, and more. The music will range from Celtic, humor, acoustic, folk, and rock. Just a few of the bands on the main stage are Gypsy Nomads, Brian Henke, Telling Point, Poohba, and several more. There will also be performances from Etheric Belly Dancers, Native American flutes of LaughingFox, and all leading up to the anticipated Union of Fire show that will blow you away! Union of Fire is the joint efforts of Terry SilverOwls fire spinning, jesters, belly dancers, and a tons of surprises.
There will be a second stage featuring Greek Dramas, Lectures of exotic herbs, Native American spirituality, and different demonstrations of various faiths. Also on the secondary stage will be meditation circles, belly dance classes, yoga classes, and much more.
We are excited to also announce a few really fun things going on at the festival such as one of the largest drum circles in a 300 mile radius featuring drummers surrounding a huge bale fire Friday and Saturday night. We will feature a general and vegetarian friendly food station. There will be a vendor alley of 24 of the best vendors all selling awesome items. We strive to pick 24 different booths so there is a huge shopping selection and each one very unique in what they sell. Some of these vendors are Spirit Apothecary Herbs, Sue Balaschak African Drums, Wands by Terry SilverOwl, The Dragons Wardrobe cloaks, Adena Pathways specializing in Native American items, Faerie Nonsense Gifts and so many more to mention.

Daltons Earth Celebration Party (for youth)
I have been talking about this festival being family/youth friendly and I want to honor that. After last years festival, my 11 yr old son Dalton has really expressed a ton of interest in the festival. So I am giving him full reign over a “celebrate Earth” party for anyone under 15. This is Daltons “baby” and I will post updates as he figures things out and decides what he wants to have. So check out some of the things below and hope to see a big turn out for this event.

In staying true to “healing Mother Nature” theme, there is going to be a swap meet for you to bring gently used items of magickal and spiritual nature This is a fun way to get rid of something you might have picked up and decided it just wasn’t meant for you, but maybe someone else would benefit from.
Instead of throwing it away, bring it with you and swap it out.
We are going to have a booth set up that you can bring your used items to, turn it in, have it appraised by a staff member, and in return, you will receive “monopoly money” for that item to use to purchase other items that others brought in.
Also, there is going to be a fashion show for everyone to sign up for and show off their favorite exotic, magickal, period, or enchanting clothing to win prizes.
With the current state of our economy, we are packing this years festival to the brim with family fun and excitement. And doing it so that we can still maintain an affordable entry fee. The fees for this years festival is $50 for an adult weekend pass, $25 for an adult 1 day pass, $10 for a youth (12-18) weekend pass, and children under 12 are FREE. I ask everyone take note to the fact this is family oriented. There will be no skyclad permitted. Skimpy is fine, but no nudity and no private parts showing. This event is BYOB. The entry fees will cover the entertainment listed above and primitive/rustic tent camping (you must bring your own tent).
There are a ton more things not mentioned here that is on the festival site, there will be weekly updates, and several more surprises announced closer to festival time.
You can obtain further info about this at www.myspace.com/lammasfestival or our NEW site openning on May,1st-2009 at www.tristateinterfaithfestival.com.