Oracles & Omens

Dreams III

You sit up straight in bed during the dead of the night, your forehead is damp with sweat, and your heart is racing.  It takes you a few moments to ground yourself and fade back into your reality.  You sit in the dark and remember the story that just played out in your mind. What type of message was your subconscious trying to send?  Often nightmares or night terrors will reflect fears from our past, situations we are currently battling or events that we are worried about in the future.

Sometimes it will help to talk with someone about any disturbing dreams you may have.  Another opinion can often prove useful for seeing things in a different light.  Here is an example of a dream interpretation that I did when I was studying for my 101 degree:

In my dream I am in another time in my life.  I’m in a castle and I’m running away from someone who’s trying to hurt me.  I’ don’t know if he (it is a man) is trying to hurt just me of if he’s some sort of murderer running through the castle.  I am in the throne room.  There is a single golden throne with a red velvet curtain behind it.  I walk behind the throne and peer behind the curtain when whoever it is that’s chasing me grabs my left arm (I am right handed) and chops my hand off from the wrist.

You said that the dream was from your past; perhaps you could look for some clues to help you clarify what point of your life the vision is coming from.  This could be the key to identifying the problem.  The castle seems to represent the situation that the dream is centered round, the large event that causing your anxiety.  Being aware that you are in the throne room signals that you are the one in charge of the situation.  You are the “king/queen”, or the one making the decisions.  My intuition tells me that the man pursuing you is your own conscious.  The red velvet curtain may represent factors being hidden from you, as the decision maker.  When you are peering behind the curtain it could be that you are unknowingly telling yourself that you need to have more information before you should make your final verdict.  With you loosing your left hand, rather than your right, it seems that if you make your choice before seeing all the variables that you will still progress, but it will be harder that it could be.  I would definitely consider keeping pen and paper close by while you sleep to write down any small details that you remember immediately when waking.

Next month I would like to share some ways to influence your dreams and make the most of their prophetic abilities.