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The Ancient Greeks believed that Amethyst was a beautiful pure maiden who refused to get drunk.  Dionysus wanted to show Amethyst the beauties of drunkenness and pursued her constantly.  Diana protected Amethyst by turning her into a Quartz crystal in his despair Dionysus spilled his wine onto the crystal turning it purple.  This led to the belief that Amethyst could protect you from the effects of overindulgence.  The Ancient Greeks would place pieces of Amethyst in their wine glasses or better yet, drink from Amethyst goblets.  Now Amethyst can be used to overcome addiction, blockages and keep thoughts in line with your goals.

Ancient Egyptians ambassadors carried Amethyst scarabs when traveling abroad.  They believed that the Amethyst could see through illusion and protect from treachery.  If a loved one is going on a journey send a piece of Amethyst with them, it will help ensure their safe return.  Amethyst is seeped in ancient magic and has even been said to change color when you are in danger.

Amethyst is a very mental stone.  It stimulates all the energy centers of your body, mind, and spirit.  If you hold while meditating it can enhance mental clarity and improve intuition.  Amethyst also brings the divine into your life and helps your soul feel grounded.

If placed under your pillow or next to your bedside it will ease worry and help you sleep.  It can help you remember and understand your dreams while overcoming your nightmares.  Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer and enhances serenity, which leads to feeling less scattered.

It calms fears, raises hopes, wards off guilt, bestows good judgment, cleanses, releases past hurts, and break spells.  If involved in a lawsuit it helps to ensure that right is done.  You can keep a piece of Amethyst with your divination to heighten their inner energies and even wear a piece during your divination to help bring wisdom and intuition to your readings.

Amethyst clusters can be used to cleanse other stones.  I have witnessed crystals change colors once placed inside an Amethyst cluster.  I use my cluster to cleanse stones if need be, divination tools like my Tarot cards and Pendulums, and even ritual jewelry.  An Amethyst cluster is a powerful tool to have.