Gems of the Goddess

Blodeuwedd – Owl Goddess, Flower Woman

When you think about a goddess that can help you take responsibility for your actions and to be assertive, you may want to work with the Welsh Goddess Blodeuwedd.  Here is her story.

Blodeuwedd was created by the family of Lleu Llaw Gyffes because Lleu was put under a curse by his mother Arianrhod to never have a human wife.  This was because of Arianrhod’s  shame of having her not being a virgin exposed by Math in the myth Mabinogi of Math fab Mathonwy.

Math needed to place his feet in the lap of virgin when he was not at war.  The fact that Arianrhod was not a virgin was exposed when Arianrhod immediately gave birth when questioned by Math.   Arianrhod then cursed her son Lleu three times; all three times Lleu’s Uncle Gwydion broke the curse.    Because of the third curse of no human wife, Gwydion and King Math created Blodeuwedd to be Lleu’s wife.  Blodeuwedd was created out of 9 flowers of an oak tree, which is known as a powerful tree of love, life and healing.    Blodeuwedd then marries Lleu.

Later she meets Gronw, the lord of Penllyn, and falls in love with him immediately.  They plot to kill Lleu but he has a specific way to be killed.  Blodeuwedd tricked Lleu into showing her how he would have to be positioned to be killed.  He20can only be killed by a spear forged when people are attending mass. He has to have one foot on a bathtub and one on a goat (the bathtub being placed on a river bank but under a roof) and by someone using a weapon created as specified.  Gronw and Blodeuwedd plot his death.  Gronw struck Lleu with a spear as he showed Blodeuwedd what circumstances would cause his death.  Lleu didn’t die, however, he turned into an eagle.  Gronw and Blodeuwedd assume power.

Lleu’s Uncle Gwydion went to avenge Lleu’s death.  He found Lleu in the woods, helps to cure him and turn back into a human.  They track down Gronw and overtake him.  Gronw must now take the place of Lleu exactly at the same place that Lleu was killed.  Grnow was allowed to hold a stone as a shield but Lleu threw the spear so hard it broke through the rock and killed him.  Gwydion then hunted Blodeuwedd and turned her into an owl.  As an owl, she haunted the night and was shunned by other birds.

Blodeuwedd’s message to us is to be asse rtive and use our live lessons to transform.  Blodeuwedd can come to you in mediation – just ask for her to show you the answer to the question “Who are you?”  She works with you to find your true self so if you’re lost, offer her one of the nine flowers that created her – The Bean, Burdock, Meadowsweet, Primrose, Nettle, Hawthorn, Oak, and Chestnut.   The lesson to be learned from Blodeuwedd is to take responsibility for your own actions and to ask for what you want.