Hally’s Hints


So, we are back into Mercury retrograde and if the year wasn’t throwing crazy things at us, no doubt it will this month. Phew! What a year. This year has been full of extreme situations, with extreme illnesses, deaths, births, ups and downs and all of this each day. As they say, what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger…

I recently had the privilege of attending an amazing workshop. It was on Life between Lives. Some may have heard about it. It is a hypnotic process which focuses on taking you into the brain wave patterns deeper than that for Past Lives and taps into things such as your life’s purpose, why you chose the family you did and who in your life has been with you for many lives.

The process can take up to several hours and is rather intense for the client and the practitioner. It is apparently a rather new technique having originated in the USA by Michael Newton. Can you imagine the energy that is generated in undertaking this process?

Often during coaching something that comes up a lot is the fact that we create our own reality. That we are in complete control of what emotional state we choose to be in, that we have control over changing the limiting beliefs around finance, relationships and so forth. When we add in the Life between Lives theory, this takes it to an amazing level that we did not only create our reality we also chose the people in our lives and the circumstances in which we currently live. This is a pretty intense revelation to process.

Sit with this concept for a moment… you chose your siblings, your parents and your partner. You chose your pets, the life you live all to fulfil a particular purpose. This as an overall is not that surprising but when you take down to the nitty gritty of detail and think back over your past few years – what does this mean to you?

All of sudden worrying about that chocolate bar you had as a snack seems rather insignificant. All of sudden your mortality takes on a life of its own.

I am about as open minded and non-judgemental as one can get and it took a few days to actually comprehend the magnitude of this information. The irony is that it makes perfect sense. The answers are crystal clear and yet, the human, physical side of me, the logical side, had to take some time to process this information. Extraordinary!

Many of us have endeavoured to discover through our past lives where we have come from and what that means to us in this life. Imagine taking this to the next level…

No doubt there are some of you that have done exactly that. I wonder what difference this information and insight has made to your life and the way you perceive who you are in your day to day.

We strive for enlightenment, connecting to our higher self and being regularly assisted by our wonderful Spirit Guides. We are protected by Angels and many of us have tapped into the gifts that we have allowed ourselves in this life to assist us on our journey.

What this all comes down to is that who you are in this life is one in 68 billion of a chance of being replicated. (Something along these lines), which makes each of us extremely unique and extraordinary.

We all know that life can be hard and having had the practitioner advise all of us at the workshop that yes, “the Earth Gig is a pretty tough Gig”, whatever your purpose is in this life – love it, embrace it and have fun with it!