Midsummer Water Spirit Spell

Midsummer is considered a fire festival, but it is also a water festival as well. Rivers, lakes, wells and springs were considered holy and pilgrimages were made on this holy day to make offerings, solicit cures and work magick.

The magick people would work would either refer to nourishing the crops (Russia), granting fertility to childless women (Scotland) or ask for healing (England). In exchange for these, offerings of pins, flowers and coins were made to the Guardian Spirit or the Water Nymphs. This guardian was not always seen in human form; instead they would sometimes appear as a frog, mermaid, a winged serpent or a fly. In any form, the Guardian was honored and considered holy.

The reason that the aquatic site was held in such high regard is because it was thought that wells and springs issued form the womb of Mother Earth, the life-giving Goddess. Springs and wells like caves were through to be the entrance to Mother Earth’s womb; from which all life springs forth and all life must return to. Water from such sites were considered so holy that women would bathe in it (Sweden), it was drunk from a special vessel (England), sacrifices of treasure were made to it (Scotland) or flowers would adorn the site (England).

These practices lived on even after the church took ever the land. In Ireland, many wells that had been dedicated to the goddess Brighid were now under the domain of St. Brigit. In Britain, the goddess that was known by Anna, Annis or Anu had many wells as well, and these were “given” to St. Ann. Finally, Midsummer was also known as the festival of Sul Minerva, named after the goddess of healing springs that were located in modern-day Bath were Pagans would honor the spirit of the water.

The Spell

I am fortunate to live on land that has many natural springs, but not everyone is so lucky. That doesn’t’ mean that you cannot honor the Guardian Water Spirit where you live. Do you have a creek, river or lake in your area? Is there a campsite with one of those “old-fashioned” hand-pumps? Can you create a lovely water-fountain in your garden or buy a miniature one to place inside your house or apartment? Find whichever method works best for you and then prepare to make offering sin exchange for your special request.

Your request is up to you as this spell is not limited to fertility (children or crops) or healing, although you could work magick to “fertilize” your bank account or heal your debt in these uncertain economic times. Make yourself a list of what you will ask for from the Water Guardian Spirit and get your offerings ready.

Your offerings can be the traditional coins, flowers and pins, but feel free to use your imagination. You could buy some shell corn or bird seed as an offering to the animals and nature spirits. You could tie pretty ribbons to branches on a tree. You could even pant a tree, adding to the landscape. Think about what kind of offering is best suited for your environment and situation before making your decision.

Decorate your altar in the manner of your choosing. Adjust your decorations to fit working outdoors (think about the windy conditions) or working indoors. Midsummer is a fire festival, so let’s add that into the mix. After all, you can mix fire and water; fire-water or alcohol is considered a spirit isn’t it? Make sure to have a candle (indoor-working) or a Tiki Torch (outdoor-working and it can help to keep the bugs away!) lit during your magical working. But, all you really need is you, your wish-list and the water itself. If working indoors, place a bowl of water on your altar and if outdoors, being at the site of the water source is ideal.

Create Sacred Space or Cast Circle in a manner of your choosing. Then, make your statement of intent after you light your candle or torch:

“On this longest day of the year

Light and fire are king.

But on this day I also honor

The Goddess and the Spirit of the Spring.”

Place your offering upon the altar or at the aquatic site and say:

“From rain to creek to river to lake;

Water feeds humans and Mother Earth.

This I give to Guardian Spirit

For the Goddess giving life birth.”

Speak to the Mother Earth Goddess and the Water Guardian Spirit in your own words, respectfully requesting one-by-one the items on your wish-list. Explain form your heart why you need to remove or add these things in your life. Also, ask for guidance as to how you can make these things happen on the mundane level through physical means.

When finished, than the Goddess and the Water Guardian Spirit and say:

“Goddess and Guardian, my thanks to you

Pales aid me in the works I do;

For the good of all and With harm to none,

So say I, so shall it be done.”

Source: Midsummer: Magical Celebrations of the Summer Solstice by Anna Franklin