New Moon Ethics – Musings on the Morals of Paganism


The world has opened yet another door for communication amongst the pagan community. I was given the opportunity to write this column by the gracious team at paganpages.org. They have given me the freedom for my own column on the ethics of paganism, something of which i am passionate about. My name is meghan, and i am most pleased to make your aquaintance. You may also refer to me as Naiyeetu.

I first began this column wondering two things. The first was how in the world I would come up with a name for this column. I chose the title New Moon Ethics – Musings on the Morals of Paganism because I feel that the new moon is a great symbolic sign for many a pagan. It represents not only the mother Goddess, but also cleansing, intuition, mystery, and the link between the different cycles of life. The new moon in particular represents new beginnings and learning. I felt this to be quite appropriate given that not only is this column a new beginning and learning experience for me, it is also a time when we can begin learning from eachother.

The second concern I had about this column was how to approach the subject of morality without telling people what they should or should not do. I would much prefer for us to share our experiences as a bonded community. I am of the full belief that the core essence of moralistic behavior is not that it is found in one truth, but lies within the combination of many common truths. Therfor, I invite you in to share your knowledge with us, to ask questions on whatever topic you are concerned, and state your ideas or ideals.

This article, my first, I felt should be an article introducing myself and what I wish to accomplish. I feel that it is only fair to you, my dear reader, if you know where I am coming from with my thoughts so that we can connect on the same level when communicating. I feel that while communicating is vital, so is understanding.

My husband and I live a life of separate beliefs. He walks the Christian path while I am very content following our mother Goddess. This has posed for many interesting questions. There was one question that my husband asked me the other night that struck my interest. He looked at me while I was reading and simply stated, “Why do pagans believe what they believe?”. At first, I was not sure what to say. After several long moments of thought, I came to the conclusion that the only person I could answer for was myself. My answer was just as simple and to the point.”Because I know the mother Goddess to be real to me.”. I would like to ask you the same question. Why do you, kindred pagan, follow the path which you choose and what difference has this made in your life? I think that once we discover why people walk the paths they choose, then we can discover more about our ethical values. After all, ethical value differs with each persons belief system.

Id like to share with you an excerpt from the book Return of the Great Goddess by Burleigh Muten. It is a piece written by Tsultrim Allione from the piece “Sky Dancer”.

“The return of the Goddess is not focused on transcendence, but on the embodiment of the sacred, in life and relationships. The unification of the body, sexuality and emotions with the spirit, the return from striving to being….

As part of my awareness of the Goddess, I have reclaimed the altar. In ancient time, for example in Minoan civilization, there was an alter in every room of the home. The home was where spirit lived….

My altars are the stage for my soul. They change as I do. If I am calling forth some part of myself in my life, for example Eros, I place on my altar something that represents that to me, a postcard of aphrodite. Thus there is a dynamic between the outer and inner life.”

Tsultrim Allione
from “Sky Dancer”

I chose this particular passage because I felt that this signified someones powerful connection to the mother Goddess and how it directly effects their life. This will be my first challenge for you, my fellow pagan. I want you to think about how what you believe directly effects your life and behavior. Then I want you to get back to me and share your stories, experiences, questions or even just simple musings that you may have had on the topic. You can send these to me directly at [email protected] This will help for our column next month. I am of high hopes that we can become friends and form a bonded community through our words and thoughts. My next column will be much more in depth with your help, and I will strive to answer any question you may have to the best of my knowledge. Everyone is welcome as a kindred spirit.

Until we meet again, may the Goddess bless you with beauty and joy in your life.

Fervent blessings