The Celtic Well

Gaelic Healing Water Spell

Acquire equivalent portions of violet, rosemary, and lavender. After give power to them boil them in approximately one quart of water over a medium flame. Once the water has a rich color and the herbs begin to emit a scent throughout your kitchen, drain off the water off into a jar. An organic coffee filter works well for this. Leave the jar in the sunshine for an entire day to take in the glowing energies from the sun. (To add the healing powers of mercury to the spell do this on a Wednesday) Occasionally gaze into the jar to add your own energies to it.

Just prior to twilight bring back the jar from outside and clutch it tightly between your hands just beneath your naval. Feeling your yearning to be in good health filling the jar, with your mind’s eye envision the jar shimmering as brightly as the sun. Repeat this chant until you have filled the jar with such an overabundance of energy that it can hold no more.

By the sun and by the herb
wellness and I are now as one
spiraling energies now are merged.
Destructive energies now be purged…

Anoint the body where the infirmity lurks if you are uncertain as to where the foundation of them discomforts lies, pour contents into bath water.

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