Let’s Spell it Out

Balance Through the Sacred Apple

One of the fruits most associated with the Autumnal Equinox is the apple.  You can use it as an altar decoration or as part of your Sabbat feast.  This versatile yet average-every-day-fruit has some very ancient magickal roots.

The Apple Tree is associated with the goddess, most specifically Ishtar, Aphrodite (Venus), Hera, Athena, Freya, Cerridwen, Pamona and Idunna.  The Greek Pamona and the Norse Idunna are perhaps the best known for their sacred, magickal apples.  Pamona was considered both a Hamadryad (a wood nymph) as well as a goddess while Idunna was a maiden goddess of the earth.  Pamona as the goddess of the apple tree tended a sacred grove of them while Idunna was in charge of the Golden Apples that maintained the immortality of the Norse pantheon.  Due to its magickal correspondences, the apple is also associated with Venus (Aphrodite) as it is a fruit of the element of water and when sliced cross-wise, it reveals to you the pentagram or the Star of Knowledge, the same shape that the planet Venus makes as it travels through the skies.

The pentagram that resides within the apple is called the Star of Knowledge is because according to Druidic lore, the apple tree is the keeper of all knowledge, and since ancient times, the apple has been a symbol of love, fertility, magick and wisdom.  These markings also represent the womb of the Mother Earth Goddess, from whom we come from and to whom we must return.

It is also a Faery Tree, so make sure to plant one in your yard as an invitation to them.  When picking apples for the Autumnal Harvest, make sure to leave a few hanging on the tree to show respect to the Faeries, the spirit of the tree as well as the Mother Earth Goddess.


This is a very simple spell; you only need an apple (Golden is preferred, but not required) and a knife to cut it.  Make sure to wash your apple before using it magickally!

Either create sacred space or cast a magick circle in the tradition or style of your choice.

Standing at your altar, hold the apple up to the Gods and say:

“Fruit of the Faery Tree;

Symbol of love and fertility,

Symbol of magick and wisdom,

Keeper of the sacred pentagram.”

Cut the apple cross-ways to expose the Star of Knowledge and then say:

“Fruit of the Tree of the Goddess;

Pamona, Indunna and Venus,

Keeper of the apples of gold,

Containing wisdom ancient and old.”

Take a bite of the apple slice, making sure to notice its watery goodness and taking in the sustenance.  Say:

“I take Your wisdom within me,

Nourish my mind and soul fully.

Show me the way, guide my path,

So I may be serious, but also laugh.

At this time of equal night and day,

I am balanced in every way.”

Close your eyes and meditate as to how to be bettered balanced in all aspects of your life. Contemplate as to how to give equal time to the different hats that you wear In both your mundane and spiritual life.  Ask Pamnona, Idunna and Venus to share Their wisdom with you.  When done, say:

“My thanks to the apple Goddess,

At this moment, I am blessed.

For the good of all and harm to none,

So say I, so shall it be done.”

Place the remaining apples outside as an offering to the Faeries!

SOURCE: Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon by Ellen Dugan