Runic Divination – Final Lesson

Merry Meet and Bountiful Blessings everyone, well all we have made it to our final lesson and as I said in our last issue we will be learning the basic Three Rune Draw. In the Three Rune Draw, much like the any other draw you will first need to spread out your rune casting cloth; while making sure to mix them toughly reach in to their pouch and randomly without looking pick out three stones. Now take a moment to clear your mind and body of all pent up energies (Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, do this five times) that have accumulated over the day. Now it is time to pose your question. After deciding upon what you want to ask take the three runes into your right hand and gently shaking them (as if you were going to roll dice) cast them on to your cloth. While making sure not to alter the  direction they fell in look at the stones, if two of them landed in an upright direction and the other in reverse then the answer to your question is YES if two land in reverse then the answer is NO. The same holds true if all three stones land upright (the answer is YES) and vice versa.

Now for those of you who have not been with us throughout this course or for those of you who have but happen (which I hope is not the case) to venture out without your runes, I would like to leave you with an old Celtic method of divination that was passed down to me from a very dear family member. This method is called casting Sky stones. For this method you will need to find three small stones, one black (representing midnight), one gold (red will work or you can paint the stone. This represents the dawn) and finally a grey stone (representing dusk). Now just like casting runes for a simple Yes or No question, take the tree sky stones in your right hand, pose your question and shake and cast them onto a flat surface; after they have found their landing look at them carefully making note as to how close the gold or grey stone is to the black stone. If the gold stone is closer to the black stone then your answer is YES, but if the grey stone closer the answer is NO. However, if the stones are equal in distance from the black stone cast the stone once more (and only once) if they still are equal in distance then it is not meant for you to know the answer to your question at this time. Also if you ask a question but you do not get the answer you want do not ask again because you will be tempting Cernunnos (The Greenman) and you may get a result you were not expecting.

In closing I would like to thank all of you who have followed the Runic course from the very beginning, it has been a pleasure working with each of you and I truly hope our paths meet again. Furthermore for those of you who have taken all the quizzes and have submitted the required lessons you will be receiving your certificates of completion within the next two weeks.

Again may the Brightest Blessing follow you in this life and into the next.