Blessed October!!


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Raven Digitalis




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Monthly Horoscope

October Monthly horoscope 2009 for Libra and Scorpio (24 August – 22 October)


Libra’s the month of October will be very inspirational and optimistic for you and those you interact with. Luck will also be coming your way so keep an eye out. While you are a very vigorous individual you also have strong vitality and as such are stand firm in your beliefs.


Scorpio’s in the month of October your powers of self expression will be strong. You are exceptionally self-regulating and very self confidant. Your urge to rule will be strong, but be mindful when wilding your power. Your health will be good and it is certain that you will have the chance to show your virtues of courage and honor.

By: Michele Burke

Monthly Prayer

Using your favorite candle color and incense (going for happiness here…)     I used yellow and frankincense because yellow is such a happy color and I love frankincense 🙂

Even though my heart cries out for more
let me be content & long no more
for silly dreams and time away
from all the hardships of my day
bother me no more with worries
work or trust or baseless furies
kill the darkness of depression
showing only a happy expression

author: I’m Skylla, a solitary wiccan from Western Maryland.  I am happily married with one teenage daughter and work full-time in the health industry.  I am a vegetarian, animal activist and feminist.  I graduated with degrees in History and Political Science and am always seeking new experiences and knowledge.  I love reading, researching, debating, computers, writing, crafts & music…and the list goes on and on!!