September, 2009

Merry Meet & Welcome

September, 2009

Welcome to the September Issue of PaganPages Magazine.


We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe summer and is ready for Fall to begin!!!

This month we are reopening our Yahoo group for all to join!  You can join our group by going to yahoo groups and looking up WBPaganF.  Everyone is welcome to join and we look forward to seeing you there!

Sexual Magick Column is back this month after a short break.  We welcome it’s author Olen back!

We have a new column starting this month:  Song of a Daily Druid by Alison Shaffer.  We welcome her to our family!

It is time for the Final Lesson in the Runes Class.  Be sure to check it out the last lesson and get your certificates!  You have all done so great!


We are blessed this month to have the art of Katherine Marie Bryant Warwick blessing our pages.  Be sure to view all of her gorgeous faery art.

Monthly Horoscope

September Monthly horoscope 2009 for Virgo and Libra (22 August – 22 October)


Virgo’s you are at you cleverest at this time and you original ideas will continue to flow throughout the rest of the year; opportunities arise to elevate your career choices. However, be careful not to make too many career changes, as you have a tendency to be a bit stubborn at times and others would have difficulty getting along with you.


Libra’s the juxtaposition of Venus and Uranus is giving a boost to your romantic side. However, be leery of unusual and or original ideas regarding love and the arts. Independenance and financial gain will be coming your way.

By: Michele Burke

A Prayer for Protection

I am blessed, shielded, and protected with
Divine Light.
I protect my mind, body, and spirit with
Divine Light.
I protect my home, car, and property with
Divine Light.
I protect my family, friends, and pets with
Divine Light.
Divine Light protects us above, below,
within, without, and all around.
So Mote it Be!

Written by: Darla “Fyre” Majick; NEPW Group Owner; Witch, Priestess, Reverend, Reiki 3 Practitioner, Crystal Therapist. Owner of Pagan events group New England Pagans and Witches.

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Meandering Through the Past

September, 2009

What do you think it meant to be a witch back in “the old days”? Well, in Europe as well as the east coast it meant a death sentence for one thing. If you were caught practicing what the authorities considered to be witchcraft, you were arrested, and most, hanged or burned. Sad Times. Sadder still were some of the things which could label you as a witch. Aside from actually healing someone, or helping someone with their crops, you could be assumed a witch just by the shape of your chin, or lies told by your neighbor.

That was the usual way you were declared a witch. More sorry, usually the person accused was not in fact a witch. Most of the time, the person was a healing woman, a wise woman who knew of certain herbs simply because it had worked in her family and the information handed down from generation to generation. Does that make a person a witch?

It could. But what really makes a person a witch? Is it the certain religious path they take? Whether Wiccan, solitary, Gardnerian? These are all paths to practice the Craft, yes, but does following a path make you a witch? What actually makes a person a witch, what defines them?

I would offer, that what makes a person a witch, is what is inside the person’s heart. How they choose to “fix” things, heal things, what they choose to be important in their lives. Being a witch isn’t about how many crystals you have, or how many herbs you’ve decided to put in a tea, or even how many people you’ve healed. It isn’t even which school you attended to receive your witch degree.

No, to define a real witch, is to define a person’s heart. When your child comes to you ill with the flu, whether you know it’s the flu or not, what is your first reaction? Grab the Tylenol you just purchased at the store, or cleanse the child’s chakras? When your neighbor raises that awesome crop, full enough to last all winter, do you thank the store that sent you the seeds or do you look to the sky and whisper thanks be to the Sun, Moon, Weather and Earth?

A Witch is a Witch by what is inside their heart. Whether you lived in the 1600’s and had to hide it, or whether you live in the 2000’s and could openly go to your metaphysical store and buy hand made beeswax for the ointment you planned to heal the rash of your next door neighbor. It doesn’t matter, what matters is your first instinct. Where your heart goes and what your mind first thinks in times of decision making.

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New To The Craft

September, 2009

The Essence of Color

Color-based magic is quite popular amongst witches, and is one of the first set of correspondences many of us study.  In a spellworking the colors may be coordinated from the candles, to the altar cloth, to any stones/crystals, etc., with all of the elements combining to symbolize the intent of the worker.  Green items may be gathered for a money-drawing charm, or perhaps red for a spell to give courage and strength.  Witches also typically use the primary colors of vision and pigment to represent the balance of the elements: red for fire, blue for water, yellow for air, and green for earth.

While there are many books available on the market that offer pre-made lists of the associations for various colors, it also tends to be true that no two are the same!  Most agree on the colors of the elements (though even in that there is variation between traditions).  Beyond this you tend to find very long lists that are difficult to memorize let alone comprehend the reasoning behind them.  One of the most meaningful exercises I ever did as part of a class on correspondences was to come up with my own associations.  For that reason I will not supply yet another list of colors and their meanings here.  Instead I would like to delve into the nature of color itself, and perhaps uncover a new layer of meaning for use in magical work.

What is color?  As humans the hues we perceive and acknowledge are based on our visual system.  The standard eye has both rod cells, which perceive only shades of black and white, and cone cells, which differentiate colors.  Color vision was a crucial adaptation for our ancestors, allowing humans to tell ripe red fruit from green for one thing.  Other animals also possess color vision, but the colors we as humans perceive are determined by the ranges of wavelengths of light our cone cells respond to.  The longest we are capable of seeing is about 700nm (red) and the shortest is about 400nm (violet).  There are three types of cone cells in the eye, nicknamed “red” “green” and “blue” cone cells for the primary wavelength of light they react to.  When a ray of light hits the retina the wavelengths present stimulate the appropriate cone cells and the brain interprets this as color.

As an example, suppose you are looking at a computer screen which emits only yellow light.  The wavelength of this light (~590-560nm) hits your eye and stimulates your cone cells to tell your brain what you see is “yellow.”  Here is where it gets interesting.  That wavelength of light is actually stimulating both the red cone cells and the green cone cells, whose ranges overlap.  However it does not stimulate any blue cone cells.  So what happens if you were to shine both a red light and a green light into the eye instead?  You’d see yellow!  This is exactly what happens if you cross a red and green beam of light and shine it on a surface: the overlapping area appears yellow.  What does this mean?  It simply means that the human eye is limited in the colors it can perceive based on its anatomy, and that some colors are not only analogous to wavelengths of light, but also to combinations of cone cell stimulation.

Think of it this way: light as we know it is a continuous band of electromagnetic energy all the way from 400-700nm.  If our eyes were capable we could tell the difference between a wave at 560nm and one at 570nm, or all of the bands in between.  What we detect as the ROYGBIV colors in a rainbow is unique to us as human beings, and evolved as a consequence of what helped us to survive.  Many insects could be said to see “colors” we cannot because they can see into the ultraviolet range.  Some use ultraviolet vision to see patterns on flowers invisible to our eyes, but which aid them in finding food.  The colors we distinguish exist because there are only so many combinations of cone cell stimulation possible with a red/green/blue system.  Just like on/off switches: red plus green equals yellow, red plus blue equals purple, etc.  All cone cells “on” equals anywhere from gray to white, and all “off” equals black.

This gets us to an interesting consequence of the whole system that I’d like to bring back to the idea of using colors in magic.  Yellow is both a specific range of wavelengths and a perception created when red and green are seen in the absence of blue.  In this sense yellow is another way of your brain saying “no blue.”  Visually we perceive yellow and blue to be exact opposites!  Red’s opposite is a combination of green and blue light that we call cyan.  Likewise the absence of green is seen as purple.  Conceiving of color choices in this way can bring a whole new dimension to a working by considering not only what energies are present, but also what energies are specifically not present.  Direct light and pigments work slightly differently in this regard, but the basic principle is the same.  An unlit, dyed candle would appear purple not because it is emitting light itself, but rather because it absorbs the green portion of the spectrum from the light sources around it, while reflecting back primarily red and blue.  It would not be a stretch then to consider the candle as being “green” under its surface rather than purple!  This is not in a literal sense (after all, anything not exposed to light is black), but it has energetic implications that could be harnessed.  A spell calling for a cyan/light blue candle for healing could work in both those energies and the strength and vigor of the red absorbed within.  I’ve seen one of the magical associations of purple listed as a way of ending bad luck.  Is it any wonder then that green is usually associated with being lucky?  There is a great deal of room here for exploration and investigation of the underlying relationships between these color-pairings, and I hope that this contributes to others experimenting on their own to see what can be found.  Using the knowledge of how colors work in this way can bring an added dimension to any witch’s workings, and make any spell that much more effective as a result.

Journal for the Month of August:

More on colors: last year I read an amazing article online, “Violet is not Purple: Is digital imaging broken?”, that got me started on this whole line of thinking about what color really is.  I’m still trying to find a way to see an exhibit of Yves Klein’s artwork so that I can experience some real violet!  Color is such a visceral and emotional part of being human, and contributes to a great deal of the beauty we find in the world.  I felt driven to explore its true nature, not to break it down into cold, scientific terms, but rather to understand how I am blessed to experience something as amazing as a rainbow or a spectacular sunset.  To know that color as we know it really is unique to our human experience makes me feel even that much luckier to have the ability to perceive it.

Harvest season is upon us!  I’m definitely looking forward to the equinox and the fall.  Many of us continue to experience tough times, and I believe it’s especially important now to give thanks for what we have, even when our needs are greater.  For those that are able it is more vital than ever to lend a helping hand to your neighbors and friends.  If nothing else we can all offer our prayers or good wishes to those we love, while knowing that we also receive their love in return!

Until next month, blessed be! )O(

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Runic Divination – Final Lesson

September, 2009

Merry Meet and Bountiful Blessings everyone, well all we have made it to our final lesson and as I said in our last issue we will be learning the basic Three Rune Draw. In the Three Rune Draw, much like the any other draw you will first need to spread out your rune casting cloth; while making sure to mix them toughly reach in to their pouch and randomly without looking pick out three stones. Now take a moment to clear your mind and body of all pent up energies (Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth, do this five times) that have accumulated over the day. Now it is time to pose your question. After deciding upon what you want to ask take the three runes into your right hand and gently shaking them (as if you were going to roll dice) cast them on to your cloth. While making sure not to alter the  direction they fell in look at the stones, if two of them landed in an upright direction and the other in reverse then the answer to your question is YES if two land in reverse then the answer is NO. The same holds true if all three stones land upright (the answer is YES) and vice versa.

Now for those of you who have not been with us throughout this course or for those of you who have but happen (which I hope is not the case) to venture out without your runes, I would like to leave you with an old Celtic method of divination that was passed down to me from a very dear family member. This method is called casting Sky stones. For this method you will need to find three small stones, one black (representing midnight), one gold (red will work or you can paint the stone. This represents the dawn) and finally a grey stone (representing dusk). Now just like casting runes for a simple Yes or No question, take the tree sky stones in your right hand, pose your question and shake and cast them onto a flat surface; after they have found their landing look at them carefully making note as to how close the gold or grey stone is to the black stone. If the gold stone is closer to the black stone then your answer is YES, but if the grey stone closer the answer is NO. However, if the stones are equal in distance from the black stone cast the stone once more (and only once) if they still are equal in distance then it is not meant for you to know the answer to your question at this time. Also if you ask a question but you do not get the answer you want do not ask again because you will be tempting Cernunnos (The Greenman) and you may get a result you were not expecting.

In closing I would like to thank all of you who have followed the Runic course from the very beginning, it has been a pleasure working with each of you and I truly hope our paths meet again. Furthermore for those of you who have taken all the quizzes and have submitted the required lessons you will be receiving your certificates of completion within the next two weeks.

Again may the Brightest Blessing follow you in this life and into the next.

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Artist Katherine Marie Bryant Warwick

September, 2009


Katherine Marie Bryant Warwick was born in May of 1972 in Demorest, GA. to Johnny and Betty Maney Bryant.

She grew up with a love for the spiritual nature of the Northeast Georgia area.

At the age of thirteen she received her first 110 camera and was completely



On her sixteenth birthday her mother bought her the one thing on her list,

a 35mm. Minolta Maxxum Camera and 50mm lens.

She never completely understood how it worked until after high school when

she enrolled in the Commercial Photography program at North Georgia

Technical Institute in Clarkesville Georgia in 1995.

She graduated with honors in 1997 and went on to work freelance until

opening Moments of Clarity Images Studio in 1999.


She married Richie Warwick in September 2003 at their home in Demorest, GA.

She is currently working on a line of custom digital fantasy portrait art created

through the use of photoshop which focuses mostly on faeries.

Her artwork can be viewed on her studio website at

or you can contact Katherine at 706-499-9498 or mail to

475 Eller Rd. Demorest, Ga.30535



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Let’s Spell it Out

September, 2009

Balance Through the Sacred Apple

One of the fruits most associated with the Autumnal Equinox is the apple.  You can use it as an altar decoration or as part of your Sabbat feast.  This versatile yet average-every-day-fruit has some very ancient magickal roots.

The Apple Tree is associated with the goddess, most specifically Ishtar, Aphrodite (Venus), Hera, Athena, Freya, Cerridwen, Pamona and Idunna.  The Greek Pamona and the Norse Idunna are perhaps the best known for their sacred, magickal apples.  Pamona was considered both a Hamadryad (a wood nymph) as well as a goddess while Idunna was a maiden goddess of the earth.  Pamona as the goddess of the apple tree tended a sacred grove of them while Idunna was in charge of the Golden Apples that maintained the immortality of the Norse pantheon.  Due to its magickal correspondences, the apple is also associated with Venus (Aphrodite) as it is a fruit of the element of water and when sliced cross-wise, it reveals to you the pentagram or the Star of Knowledge, the same shape that the planet Venus makes as it travels through the skies.

The pentagram that resides within the apple is called the Star of Knowledge is because according to Druidic lore, the apple tree is the keeper of all knowledge, and since ancient times, the apple has been a symbol of love, fertility, magick and wisdom.  These markings also represent the womb of the Mother Earth Goddess, from whom we come from and to whom we must return.

It is also a Faery Tree, so make sure to plant one in your yard as an invitation to them.  When picking apples for the Autumnal Harvest, make sure to leave a few hanging on the tree to show respect to the Faeries, the spirit of the tree as well as the Mother Earth Goddess.


This is a very simple spell; you only need an apple (Golden is preferred, but not required) and a knife to cut it.  Make sure to wash your apple before using it magickally!

Either create sacred space or cast a magick circle in the tradition or style of your choice.

Standing at your altar, hold the apple up to the Gods and say:

“Fruit of the Faery Tree;

Symbol of love and fertility,

Symbol of magick and wisdom,

Keeper of the sacred pentagram.”

Cut the apple cross-ways to expose the Star of Knowledge and then say:

“Fruit of the Tree of the Goddess;

Pamona, Indunna and Venus,

Keeper of the apples of gold,

Containing wisdom ancient and old.”

Take a bite of the apple slice, making sure to notice its watery goodness and taking in the sustenance.  Say:

“I take Your wisdom within me,

Nourish my mind and soul fully.

Show me the way, guide my path,

So I may be serious, but also laugh.

At this time of equal night and day,

I am balanced in every way.”

Close your eyes and meditate as to how to be bettered balanced in all aspects of your life. Contemplate as to how to give equal time to the different hats that you wear In both your mundane and spiritual life.  Ask Pamnona, Idunna and Venus to share Their wisdom with you.  When done, say:

“My thanks to the apple Goddess,

At this moment, I am blessed.

For the good of all and harm to none,

So say I, so shall it be done.”

Place the remaining apples outside as an offering to the Faeries!

SOURCE: Autumn Equinox: The Enchantment of Mabon by Ellen Dugan

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WiseWoman Traditions

September, 2009

Wild Foods for Wise Women
The Missing Part of Your Diet May Be In Your Own Back Yard

Boost Your Immunity and Prevent Cancer With Dandelion, Honeysuckle, Clover

and Other Ordinary Weeds

Did you know that many of those unglamorous “weeds” that you’ve been poisoning or pulling out of your garden and lawn are some of the world’s most well-respected and powerful healing plants? If not, you aren’t alone: many people don’t realize that common ordinary weeds can build and maintain good health. Common weeds that grow by you can boost your immunity, strengthen your liver, help you build strong blood, counter colds and the flu, increase your vitality, and even prevent cancer.

Health-promoting weeds are easy to find (even in the city), easy to identify, easy to prepare, incredibly abundant, and as delicious as high-priced gourmet goodies. Go outside right now and see if you can find one or more of my seven favorites: Burdock, Dandelion, Honeysuckle, Plantain, Red Clover, Violet, or Yellow Dock.  (To the botanist: Arctium lappa, Taraxacum officinale, Plantago majus, Trifolium pratense, Viola odorata, and Rumex crispus.) You probably take them for granted. But if they could talk, they would say “Here we are! We love you! We’re waiting to change your life!”

How can they change your life? When properly prepared and used, these weeds can boost your immunity, strengthen your liver, renew your energy, and help prevent cancer. And the best part is, they’re free!
Immune System Boosters

Dandelion and Honeysuckle are particularly good builders of the immune system. (The immune system is a network of cells and cell products that defends the body against disease-causing organisms such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and cancer cells.) Dandelion root tincture (20 drops, 2-3 times a day) actually increases the production of interferon, a protein that inhibits viral multiplication and activates T-cells.

Can a powerful immune system prevent cancer? Put cancer into remission? Prevent the recurrence of cancer that has been treated? Stop a cancer from metastasizing? In my book Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way, I answer these questions affirmatively (and share recipes for immune-building soups, too). Building powerful immunity can help us remain cancer-free and it provides long-lasting benefits – and long life – for relatively little effort.
Liver Strengtheners

The liver is the body’s recycling center. This large organ is critical to healthy digestive functioning, utilization of hormones, and removal of chemicals from the body. Dandelion is an outstanding liver strengthener. It is known to protect, heal and tone up the liver, helping to relieve food allergies and aid digestion, as well as repairing damage done by drugs, chemicals, alcohol, and infections such as hepatitis. Burdock, Red Clover, Plantain, and Yellow Dock are also powerful liver strengtheners.

Most experienced healers that I’ve met are unanimous in their agreement that a healthy liver is the basis for a healthy and long life. Perhaps the single most important benefit to be gained from befriending the weeds is the strengthening of your liver function.

Dandelion, Yellow Dock, or Burdock roots are used in tinctures (20 drops, 2-3 times a day) or vinegars (1-2 large spoonsful on salad daily); Red Clover is best taken as an infusion; Plantain leaves are eaten in salad or infused in apple cider vinegar.
Blood Builders

Yellow Dock builds strong blood. Strong blood is rich in iron and other minerals needed for health. Strong blood is nutrient-rich – so vital organs get the nourishment they need for optimum functioning. Strong blood helps muscles work well without cramping and aching. Strong blood is low in cholesterol and moves easily through the circulatory system. Strong blood is packed with plenty of energy: for life, for work, and for sex.

Other green allies that build strong blood are Dandelion leaves, Red Clover blossoms, and Plantain leaves. (And for strong veins, Burdock root vinegar is a trusted ally.) Daily doses of Yellow Dock root – vinegar (see below) or tincture (5-20 drops once or twice a day) – often increase iron levels in the blood twice as fast as iron supplements.  If you wish to avoid alcohol, soak chopped fresh Yellow Dock roots (or any of the other plants mentioned here) in vinegar to cover for 6 weeks. I use 1-2 tablespoons a day of the resulting medicinal vinegar to build strong blood.
Counter Colds and the Flu

Throughout the orient, Honeysuckle flowers are steeped in water and the resulting strong tea – scientifically established as antiseptic, anti-microbial, and anti-infective – drunk to ward off colds and the flu.  (An injectable form of Honeysuckle is used in Chinese hospitals to counter severe infections.)  Red Clover blossoms mixed with ordinary mint and steeped in hot water for several hours is an effective “cold remedy” passed down from Colonial housewives.
Increase Vitality, Even Prevent Cancer

The leaves of Violets and the blossoms of both Honeysuckle and Red Clover are renowned as safe, life-enhancing tonics. In addition to enhancing vitality and rejuvenating fertility, they have proven effectiveness against pre-cancerous conditions. Red Clover especially is noted for its ability to reverse in situ breast cancers, cervical dysplasia, and pre-cancerous polyps of the colon. Violet, whether drunk in infusion or applied as a poultice, has a reputation as a dissolver of breast lumps and a protector of the lungs, even checking the growth of tumors.
Anti-Cancer Agents

The most amazing thing about these seven humble plants is that each of them has been associated with cancer prevention. Plantain is an important Latin-American folk remedy against cancer. Burdock as a specific cure for breast cancer dates back to at least 1887 in the Ukraine. Around the world, Red Clover is a widely used folk remedy against cancer and is known as “The herb of immortality.” Dandelion is known to stop the promotion of oncogenes. (When damaged or turned on, an oncogene initiates cancer.) Violet slows tumor growth. Honeysuckle is a popular anti-cancer agent in China. Yellow dock is one of the original plants in the Native American anti-cancer brew now known as Essiac.

As you can see, these seven plants are not useless weeds by any means. Even if you don’t reach out and pick them from your yard (or that nearby vacant lot), I know you’ll be more aware of the abundance of green blessings surrounding you.

For more information on how to prepare and use herbs consult any of my books including Healing Wise and Breast Cancer? Breast Health! The Wise Woman Way. (Available in book stores and health food stores, or by calling 1-800-356-9315)
How To Use These Amazing Plants


* Dig first-year roots in autumn; use mature seeds.
* Used internally, it resolves chronic skin problems; fresh root binds and removes heavy metals and chemicals.
* Use daily for six or more weeks;  it is not unusual to take burdock regularly for 2 to 3 years.
* Dried root infusion: 1 to 2 cups.
* Cooked, dried, or raw root: eaten freely.
* Fresh root vinegar: 1-4 tablespoons.
* Tincture of fresh roots or seeds: 30-250 drops.
* Infused oil of seeds: as needed on skin or scalp to encourage growth of new hair.
* Burdock is slow acting but miraculous.


* Leaves are nourishing, roots are tonifying.
* Improves outlook, improves digestion and appetite, relieves food allergies.
* Can use daily for prolonged use.
* Fresh leaves and flowers: eaten freely.
* Cooked greens: ½ to 2 cups (125 to 500 ml).
* Dried root infusion (tea) 1 to 3 cups (250-750 ml).
* Tincture of fresh plant, including root: 15-120 drops.
* Wine of fresh flowers: no more than 6 oz (200 ml).
* Infused oil of fresh flowers: as needed.
* Dandelion is a superb ally for liver and breasts. Regular use – internally before meals and externally before sleep – helps keep breasts healthy, reverses cancerous changes. Digestion is settled and strengthened a few minutes after taking a dose. Results in breast tissue are slower, taking six weeks or more to become evident.


One of the most vigorous vines known, Honeysuckle makes an excellent complementary medicine for many Western drugs, moderating or eliminating many of their damaging side-effects. The flowerbuds are harvested in May or June, dried quickly in the sun without turning or handling, infused in water overnight (one ounce dried blossoms to one quart boiling water in a tightly sealed jar steeped for 4-10 hours), and drunk freely.

* Use leaves, harvested any time, or ripe seeds with hulls.
* Internal use:
* Seeds: anti-microbial, against thrush;
* Leaves: promote blood clotting, increase in iron, strengthen digestion.
* Used externally: leaf poultice or oil reduces cysts, heals skin and connective tissues, stops itching and prevents scars.
* Daily use: no limit.
* Raw leaves: 3-20 chopped in salad.
* Fresh leaf vinegar: 1-2 tablespoons (15-30 ml).
* Fresh leaf oil/ointment or poultice: as needed.
* Internal response is prompt; noticeable improvement in blood iron is seen in two weeks of daily use. External response is also rapid: itching ceases, bleeding stops, pain abates, and swelling recedes in minutes. Plantain promotes quick, scarless healing from all wounds.

Red Clover:

* Use the just-opened blossoms with a few leaves clinging.
* Internally: alkalinizes, builds blood; helps prevent the recurrence of cancer, protects liver and lungs, improves appetite, relieves constipation, eases anxiety; relieves symptoms of menopause, increases fertility.
* Externally: softens and reduces breast lumps; is antifungal.
* Daily use is without limit.
* Fresh blossoms: eaten freely.
* Infusion (tea) of dried flowers: up to one quart (1 liter).
* Tincture/mother tincture of fresh blossoms: 15-100 drops.
* Fresh flower vinegar: 1-4 tablespoons (15-60 ml).
* Note: Over consumption of blood-thinning coumarins, which are present only in low amounts in red clover but found in greater amounts in other clovers such as sweet clover, can lead to the breakdown of blood cells and increase risk of hemorrhage.
* Red clover (legume family) shares with its sisters, lentil and astragalus, the ability to repair damaged DNA, turn off oncogenes, and reverse both pre-cancers and in situ cancers.  According to J. Hartwell, author of Plants Used Against Cancer, medical literature has reported and confirmed hundreds of cases of remission of cancer after consistent use of red clover. I agree.


* Use the leaves, harvested any time, even during flowering.
* Externally: Eases pain and inflammation, heals mouth sores, softens skin, antifungal.
* Daily dose: Use without limit, non-toxic.
* Fresh leaves: in salad, as desired.
* Dried leaf infusion: up to one quart (1 liter).
* Fresh or dried leaf poultice: continuously.
* Internal and external use of violet can shrink a breast lump in a month.

Yellow Dock:

* Use roots of a plant at least two years old, dug after autumn frosts, or very early in the spring; leaves, harvested at any time, use ripe seeds.
* Internally: as root tincture or vinegar, yellow dock builds healthy blood, protects liver, and acts as a laxative. As a seed tea, it heals mouth sores and checks diarrhea.
* Externally: Poultices dissolve lumps, counter tumors and kill fungus infections.
* Can be used daily for up to 12 months.
* Tincture of fresh roots: 10-60 drops per day.
* Fresh root vinegar: 1-2 tablespoons (30 ml) per day.
* Dried seed tea: no more than one cup (250 ml) per day.
* Fresh root oil/ointment: liberally, as needed.

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Goddess Enelne

September, 2009

sees herself in the skeleton of moonlight,
a sentient being in the whiteness of madness
where disturbing platitudes of murmuring curses
echo through the fascination of a crystal ball. She,
irksome black witch, bleeds green gems of woven
jade as an opaque pavilion of stars wades into
tangled clouds. In the darkness, She grows larger!
In the darkness, She grows louder! Holistic eyelids
like a scythe proscribe morbid dances drinking in the
calmness of tandem wines. The history of past years
inhale and exhale wildly through an open stare of pure
consciousness, finding a beacon to eulogize humanity’s
cries without censure. Relish in Her beauty, for She is
the Goddess of all natural things found beneath the skies.
Enelne! Enelne! The butterflies bring you treasures while
Katamba sends you His love. Take heart dear ones, for
The Great Mother of the Rakash, shall guard and guide
your souls though the many faces and multitudes of tears.

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September, 2009

MAY-bon, MAY-bun, MAY-bone, MAH-boon or MAH-bawn, – Lesser Sabbat – Fall/Autumn Equinox, September 21-23
Michaelmas (September 25th, Christian), Second Harvest Festival, Witches’ Thanksgiving, Harvest Home (Anglo-Celtic), Feast of Avalon, Wine Harvest, Festival of Dionysus, Cornucopia, Equinozio di Autunno (Strega), Chung Chiu (China), Night of the Hunter, Alban Elfed “The Light of the Water”(Caledonii/ Druidic-celebrates Lord of the Mysteries), Winter Finding (Teutonic, from Equinox ’til Winter Night or Nordic New Year, Oct 15th.)

Mabon is considered a time of the Mysteries. It is a time to honor Aging Deities and the Spirit World. Considered a time of balance, it is when we stop and relax and enjoy the fruits of our personal harvests, whether they be from toiling in our gardens, working at our jobs, raising our families, or just coping with the hussle-bussle of everyday life. May your Mabon be memorable, and your hearts and spirits be filled to overflowing!

Second harvest festival, new wine pressing/making preparation for winter and Samhain, rest after labor, Pagan day of Thanksgiving, honoring the spirit world, celebration of wine.

death of the God, assumption of the Crone, balance of light and dark; increase of darkness, grape harvest, completion of the harvest.

Beauty, joy; fullness of life, harvest of the year’s desires, strength; laughter; power; prosperity, equality, balance, appreciation, harvest, protection, wealth,
security, self-confidence, reincarnation.

Symbolism of Mabon:
Second Harvest, the Mysteries, Equality and Balance.

Symbols of Mabon:
wine, gourds, pine cones, acorns, grains, corn, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, dried seeds, and horns of plenty.

Tools, Symbols & Decorations:
Indian corn, red fruits, autumn flowers, red poppies, hazelnuts, garlands, grains especially wheat stalks, and colorful, fallen leaves, acorns, pine & cypress cones, oak sprigs, pomegranate, statue/or figure to represent the Mother Goddess, mabon wreath, vine, grapes, gourd, cornucopia/horns of plenty, burial cairns, apples, marigolds, harvested crops, burial cairns, rattles, the Mysteries, sun wheel, all harvest symbols.

Herbs & Plants of Maybon:
Acorn, aster, benzoin, cedar, ferns, grains, hazel, honeysuckle, hops, ivy, marigold, milkweed, mums, myrrh, oak leaf, passionflower, pine, rose, sage, solomon’s seal, tobacco, thistle, and vegetables.

Foods of Mabon:
Breads, nuts, apples, pomegranates, cornbread, wheat products, grains, berries, grapes, acorns, seeds, dried fruits, corn, beans, squash, roots (ie onions, carrots, potatoes, etc), hops, sasssafras, roast goose or mutton, wine, ale, & cider.

Incense & Oils of Mabon:
Pine, sweetgrass, apple blossom, benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, jasmine, sage wood aloes, black pepper, patchouly, cinnamon, clove, oak moss, & sage.

Colors/Candles of Mabon:
Red, orange, russet, maroon, brown, gold, deep gold, green, orange, scarlet, all autumn colors, purple, blue, violet, & indigo.

Stones of Mabon:
Sapphire, lapis lazuli, yellow agates, carnelian, yellow topaz, & amethyst.

Offerings to land, preparing for cold weather, bringing in harvest, cutting willow wands (Druidic), eating seasonal fruit, leaving apples upon burial cairns & graves as a token of honor, walk wild places & forests, gather seed pods & dried plants, fermenting grapes to make wine,picking ripe produce, stalk bundling; fishing,. on the closest full moon (Harvest Moon) harvesting corps by moonlight.

Activities of Mabon:
Making wine, gathering dried herbs, plants, seeds and seed pods, walking in the woods, scattering offerings in harvested fields, offering libations to trees, adorning burial sites with leaves, acorns, and pine cones to honor those who have passed over.

Spellworkings and Rituals of Mabon:
Protection, security, and self-confidence. Also those of harmony and balance. Celtic Festival of the Vine, prosperity rituals, introspection, rituals which enact the elderly aspects of both Goddess & God, past life recall.

Animals/Mythical beings:
Dogs, wolves, stag, blackbird, owl, eagle, birds of prey, salmon & goat, Gnomes, Sphinx, Minotaur, Cyclops, Andamans and Gulons.

Modron (Welsh), Bona Dea, Land Mother, Aging & Harvest Dieties: the Triple Goddess-Mother aspect, Persephone, Demeter/Ceres, Morgan (Welsh- Cornish), Snake Woman (aboriginal), Epona (Celtic-Gaulish), Pamona (roman), the Muses (greek)

Mabon ap Modron (Welsh), Sky Father, The Green Man, Wine Gods, Aging Gods, John Barley Corn , the Wicker-Man, the Corn Man, Thoth (Egyptian), Hermes, Hotei (Japanese), Thor, Dionysus (Roman), Bacchus (Greek) & all wine Deities



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Night Rites

September, 2009

“Serpent Knowing Rite”

A solitary inner journey to regain your hidden knowledge for closure and healing.



A key

Small blackboard tablet

A piece of yellow or white chalk

A small representation of a snake

God and Goddess candles and holders

A chalice and plate

An offering bowl

A beverage and a food item


Sit down in a comfortable position and ground yourself in your own traditional way. When you are ready, cast a sacred circle and call forth the Elementals in your own traditional way. Invoke the God and Goddess and welcome them to your circle.  Light the God and Goddess candles on your altar.

Seat yourself in a comfortable position and close your eyes.

Imagine yourself walking along a quiet countryside road. The greenery around you is changing into the vibrant colors of autumn. You approach a crossroads, where a man and woman are sitting down in the grass. You approach them, and you can feel right away that you are in the presence of the God and Goddess. They look at you and know that you are on an important journey. You explain to them that you are looking for something that you lost that is very important to you.

Open your eyes and say:

God and Goddess, Ancient and Honorable Ones,

I have lost a part of myself that I need to regain.

I must bring back the the knowledge I had again.

I bound it up tightly with much pain and fear,

But to heal I need to draw it back to me near.

Please aid me in my search to find what I have lost,

And I’ll make humble offerings in which to pay the cost.

They stop and think for a few moments and then respond. Take to heart everything that they tell you. [Open your eyes and write it down if you need to.] They exchange looks with each other and then look back at you. The Goddess stands up and takes your hand. She places a key in your palm. The God stands up and points to East, and bids that you take the path to your right. You thank them graciously and go along your way.

Open your eyes and pick up the key from your altar. Know that this key is a gift from the Gods.

Close your eyes again. You are walking along this path for a little while before you come to a tall metal gate, and it is locked. Use your key to open the gate and venture in. You are walking into a quiet garden in the crisp autumn air. You notice that there are many plants and shrubs all around, and in the center of the garden is an apple tree. Walk towards the apple tree. At the base of the apple tree is a large golden snake. He watches you approach him and raises his head when you stop in front of him.

Open your eyes and pick up the representation of the snake. Say:

Sacred Serpent, Guardian of the Tree

I bid you to please listen to me.

I am in search for memories hidden deep,

and I was guided to this place for that which I seek.

Perhaps you know where I might find

Way to unbind my tangled mind?

The serpent listens intently to you, and replies:

The apple of knowing will unlock your thoughts,

but to taste such a fruit many have sought…

Are you prepared to remember all that will come,

and ready to deal with a flavor that might be sour on your tongue?

Open your eyes and say:

The apple of knowledge is powerful magick indeed,

But I am ready by my word and my deed.

I have cast the sacred circle and with the Gods did speak,

who led me to you in this secret garden for what I seek.

Please grant me my apple so the memories will be mine once more,

So that I may heal and let this wound no longer be sore.

The serpent come closer and looks you directly in the eyes. He can see your struggle and acknowledges that your intentions are pure. He coils his body around the apple tree as he climbs up its boughs. You watch him slither up the tree and along a branch above you. The branch starts to bend down towards you, and a shiny red apple is revealed from behind the leaves. You reach for the apple and pluck it from the branch. The serpent disappears among the leaves. You sit down beneath the tree and look at the apple.

Open your eyes and put down the representation of the key and snake. Draw a picture of the apple with the piece of chalk on the blackboard slate. Then place the snake on top of the apple.

Close your eyes again, and continue to look at the apple. It seems like just an ordinary apple. You take a bite from the apple, slowly chewing the piece and swallowing it.

You start to feel a deep warmth in your belly. It feels unusual but does not alarm you. The warmth travels from your belly up through your spine and neck and seems to settle right at your “third eye” at the middle of your forehead. Your regular eyesight seems to start to become cloudy and swirls with color.   You are not worried, because you can tell that this is an ancient magick that is reaching deep within your memories. You start to remember bits and pieces of your lost memories.

Open your eyes and let these memories come to you slowly. Write down the details as they come but don’t try to force them out. The remembering process may take place over the course of a few days. Allow it to come back to you naturally. (If you find that the memories are more than you can deal with, please seek professional counseling.)

When you are ready, take a few deep cleansing breaths. Imagine that you are walking out of the garden. Pass through the gate, close it, and lock it. Begin walking back along the path. When you come to the crossroads, you will see the God and Goddess once more. Bid them thanks and give them back the key, so that the next traveler may someday use it.

Open your eyes and make an offering of food and drink in their name.

Thanks the God and Goddess once more and then bid them farewell.

Thank the Elementals and let them take their leave.

Open the magick circle.

This rite is complete.

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