Let’s Spell it Out

Guardian Statue Household Protector Spell

The Roman festival of Compitalia honored the Lares for their help. The Lares are household hearth deities said to reside with each family as a type of protection. The story began with two children born from a liaison between the god Mercury and a mute Naiad named Laura, whose tongue had been cut out by the god Jupiter. The Lares became widely revered by Romans as house guardians and were depicted as monkeys covered in dog skins with a barking dog at their feet.

Another Roman deity associated with the hearth and fire is the goddess Vesta. She too, became a popular household guardian, depicted as a woman of great beauty holding a lighted torch and a votive bowl. Her mortal attendants were the Vestal Virgins, who were selected for office of guardians of the sacred flame from the age of six for a minimum of 30 years, during which they were expected to maintain a vow of chastity on penalty of live burial. The Vestals dressed in white gowns trimmed in purple and were highly respected members of roman society, enjoying many privileges. During the Vestalia festivals, donkeys were decked with wreaths. Vesta worship was abolished by Emperor Theodosius in 380 AD.

SUPPLIES: Guardian statue (or symbol) to become your household protector, incense, candle, water, salt, wand

First, clean the statue from any dust or dirt. Light the incense; pass the statue through the smoke three times (or if the statue is too large to lift, pass the smoke three times around the statue) and say:

“By the power of Air and incense,

My Lare guardian statue is blessed.”

Light the candle and pass the statue three times through the flame and say:

“By the power of Fire and flame,

My Lare guardian protects me from maim.”

Sprinkle the statue with three drops of water and say:

“By the power of Water and Sea,

Of danger my Lare will warn me.”

Finally, sprinkle your statue with three grains of salt and say:

“By the power of salt and Earth,

My Lare guardian now is birthed!”

Pick up your wand and circle above the top of the statue three times and say:

“By the power of Spirit and light,

Negative entities my Lare will fight.”

Now ask for the blessings from the goddess Vesta. Hold you statue up and say:

“Vesta of the Hearth and Fire

Your blessings now I acquire

Of my Lare Guardian

Let not negativity in.

Beautiful Vesta with Your torch,

Negativity can’t make it past my porch.

Lares and Vesta, please protect me,

As my will, so mote it be!”

Place the guardian statue in a place perfect to keep you property or house protected.