Sexual Magick ***ADULT CONTENT***


Bodily Fluids and Sexual Magick

Well, we have discussed Taboo and Chastity as techniques in one’s Sexual Magick arsenal. Today, we are going to discuss techniques involving Bodily Fluids.

This is also one of the most dangerous arenas for Sexual Magick. WARNING: The most dangerous Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are contracted via Body Fluids. Before engaging in this type of activity, one should be assured that there is no chance of contracting an STD (Laboratory Testing, Monogamy, etc.).

The Reproductive Cycle of Humankind can (and should) be viewed as a Microcosm of the Creative Act of the Universe. An initial dichotomy manifests as two opposites, which through union creates something totally distinct from either source. This union temporarily “destroys” the individuality of both in the “fusing together” of the opposites. This gives a rather unique meaning to the term, the “Big Bang Theory”.

Now, when Humans mate there are fluids that are secreted prior to the consummation of the Sexual Act. These fluids provide lubrication and a very nice pool for our little tadpoles to swim in. Both genders contribute, and in the intermixing of these Body Fluids a medium is Formed, which can lead to a penetration of the ovum by the sperm. In other words, the union of male and female is capable of creating “Life”. How much more Magickal can it get? Well, if this process involving sexual fluids can create life… which is in a sense… a display of ultimate power… then these fluids must truly have unique Magickal properties.

Paschal Beverly Randolph was a Rosicrucian, Sex Magician, Spiritualist, and advocate of equal rights in the 19th Century. He developed an organization called the “Brotherhood of Eulis” where Initiates received formal training in various techniques of Sexual Magick. It was not of a restrictive nature. No chastity in this group! In fact the teaching of the Brotherhood was firmly based in the necessity to bring the female to orgasm (a very untypical view for the 19th Century, and sadly enough in the 21st). The body positions and postures were based on certain Western Esoteric teachings. The most difficult part is the “Concentration” required during the fulfillment of the Sexual Act.

During the mutual Orgasm, both parties were to hold the object of their desire firmly in their mind. The intense Creative energies released during simultaneous Orgasm can effectively dissolve the barriers between Worlds and “Create” a Thoughtform of much potency. This energized Thoughtform is the “Magickal Child” of this Union. This Child is the product of the Sacrifice and Death of the “Old King” (the now flaccid Penis) in his “giving” to the Queen. However, this Potency and Power of the Creative Energies of both parties have now been used to “Animate” (give “Life” to) the Thoughtform created during the Sexual Act. This was also a Theory advocated for the betterment of Society, since Children conceived within such a program were deemed to be most worthy and blessed vessels for Great Souls to manifest themselves in.

The difficult part is maintaining this level of concentration during Orgasm… which is where utilizing a Chant or Mantra comes in very handy. If one trains themselves at chanting or the use of mantras, one can reach a point where the Chant takes on a life of its own. The Chant becomes background music to everything else, and seems to mysteriously play constantly through one’s mind. The Chant no longer requires verbal recitation, it plays on and on, like a line from a TV commercial that is stuck in your head (an insidious use of Black Magick by marketing firms). When this level of Chanting is achieved, one only has to initiate the Chant, and it will be playing in the background, without having to over concentrate and wreck the sensual mood by making everything too mechanical.

Now, this focused energy has created a new form within the combined body fluids (post Orgasm) that are now resting within the Grail. This is now a “Consecrated” substance. It can be used Eucharistically, it can be used to Anoint, or Consecrate tools, papers, spells, talismans, amulets, sacred grounds… the list goes on.

Suffice it to say, this is a very Powerful Substance and it is called by some: the “Elixir of Life”. The further uses of this substance will not be discussed today but will be left to the Creative Genius of the Sexual Magicians experimenting with these techniques.

I finish with a quote from Paschal Beverly Randolph’s Eulis:

“CONCLUSION: THE LYMPHICATION OF LOVE. — I have already herein called attention to the various secretions — normal — of the human pelvic viscera, and named them lochia, exuviæ, semen, Duverneyan lymph, prostatic and Cowperian fluids. I now call attention to another, different from all and far more important than either, and which is the only one common to both sexes alike. I refer to that colorless, viscid, glairy lymph, or exudation which is only present under the most fierce and intense amative passion in either man or woman. This lymph has been noticed by M.D.’s, and regarded as a. vaginal or prostatic secretion, but it is neither. They sought for its point of issuance, but found it not, because, prior to its escape, per vagina and male urethra, it is not a liquid at all; but, the liquid is the resultant of the union of three imponderables, just as common water is the result of the union of two gases and an electric current. Just so is this lymph the union of magnetism, electricity, and nerve-aura, — each rushing from the vital ganglia and fusing in the localities named. When it is present in wedlock’s sacred rite then Power reigns and Love strikes deep root in the soul of the child that then may be begotten. If it is absent, the world is sure to receive a selfish, mean, small, contemptible thing in human shape, — a terror, or stalking crime and pestilence, — a partial man or woman, of little use to him or herself, and none at all to others, the world, or God.”

Blessed Be!