A Candle Meditation for Spiritual Growth


Since it’s the holiday season it seems only fitting that we take a look inward at this time of year.  We often take stock of the what we are thankful for and start planting the seeds of what will be sown in the comming year.  The focus of the meditation will be to acknowledge your spiritual accomplishments, and set your goals for spiritual growth.

You will want a few items before we begin.  You’ll want a candle, a notebook, and a pen.  These tools will help you to focus on your goals and to help them manifest.

Since we are talking about spiritual growth a candle of white, silver, or purple would be appropriate.   You will want to place the candle on your altar or on a small table.  The candle is here for you to have something to focus on and put your energy into.  Try to be at eye level and in a comfortable position so that you can touch the candle.

Set the candle out on a table where you can look at it. You will not light it at this point.  See the candle and its shape.  What does the shape say to you?  Is it tall and proud?  Is it short and stable?  Think about this for a moment and write down your impressions.

Which color did you choose?  Why?

Write it in your notebook to refer back to at a later moment.  Acknowledge your assessment and keep that thought in your mind as you continue.

Take a moment to think about the path that you are on right now.  Write down the answers to the following questions.  What brought you to this point in your life?  Is it where you thought you would be?  What was good?  What was negative?  What aspects that brought you here do you treasure?  Where would you like your path to go?  What steps can you take to get there?

At this point you should visualize yourself doing the things that will bring you spiritual fulfillment.  Those things may be working with your spouse or partner.  It may include working on a community outreach program or working with a group or coven.  Perhaps, it is focusing on a specific aspect of magickal study like tarot, runes, or numerology.  Whatever your goals are to become more spiritually fullfilled write down.

Name the things that would bring you spiritual satisfaction as you hold the candle.  Often saying it aloud and visualizing it will help you focus.  Say and focus while holding the candle, this will help imbue your candle with your hopes and dreams.

After you have charged your candle you may light it.  You may do this now or as a part of a ritual later on.  Lighting the candle will help to release the positive energies in order to effect the change in your life.  Let the candle burn down completely and if possible in one setting.

Take the initiative and really work toward your goal of spiritual growth.  Magick takes the path of least resistance and if you temper your magick with mundane actions it will be easier for the magick to do its job.

Remember that you are a magickal creature that inherently has the power to effect change in your world.  Your intent is key.  The energy you have sent out into the world will help you effect the change that you would like to create.