I hear the owl call
The wind gathers a howl
Cloaked in shadow
I hear you

I shall not lay
I shall not stay
I shall not give away
What is mine

Wrapped in serpants
They Whispered blame
And the night fell around
In droplets of shadow and sound

Those demons your friends
Strike fear in the hearts of men
And their creation of sin
But I know you

As I know the wind
And the rain
All that is sacred
Turned to shame

The Dark Moon shines
Like fire and ice
Those secrets and lies
Hidden well in despise

In each of us
A sparkle of you
In each of us
The garden will grow

Howl of storms
Petals of war
Breath of innocence
Change the course

Dawn turns to dust
Night begs to breathe
Lilith, bring your wave
Wash all the shame clean