Reaching Reiki

with ReikiAwakening.com’s Alice Langholt

This month’s column is on the benefits of Reiki for kids, teens and pets. Reiki healing is natural and helps with balance. Balance covers many areas, including physical, emotional and spiritual. Reiki for physical balance strengthens the immune system, releases pain, releases stress, and strengthens the body’s capacity to heal. Reiki healing for emotional balance removes blockages, adds positivity, relaxes and soothes, and gives a sense of well-being. Reiki healing for spiritual balance helps open and fine-tune the connection to one’s intuition. One may become open to receiving divine guidance, notice signs, and become aware of opportunities falling into place. These are some of the benefits of practicing and receiving Reiki healing.

Reiki is helpful for kids who may have nightmares, anxieties, emotional concerns, aches and pains, illness, and other issues. Parents who have Reiki can channel Reiki energy to their kids to help balance their children in all of these areas. Kids can also learn Reiki and have this tool for themselves, for a lifetime. My kids come to me for Reiki when they have a headache, before going to sleep, after a nightmare, when bumps and bruises happen, and when they are upset. I give them Reiki liberally when they are sick. They also self-heal with Reiki, knowing that they have the power to do this for themselves. They give each other Reiki too, and it’s a really nice way for them to express caring to their siblings.

Teens are naturally unbalanced. Hormones and drama are a part of a teen’s everyday life. Teens who know Reiki are able to help themselves cope with the stresses of teen life. Reiki can help a teen feel more clear-headed, focused, and become more grounded, in a better place to deal with their daily life. Teens who know Reiki can use Reiki for themselves as needed. Parents can give their teens Reiki and strengthen the parent-teen bond which can become fragile during this time.

Reiki is good for animals as well. Dogs, cats, and other pets enjoy Reiki healing. Pet owners who give their animals Reiki are helping their pets heal, relax, and be healthy. Reiki gives pet owners an additional way to bond with and help their pets. I have some canine Reiki clients who have healed quickly from injuries and illness after receiving Reiki healing. I see these dogs about every other week. They relax during their Reiki session, and for days afterward they show great improvement in temperament and health. I’ve also sent distance Reiki to a horse after he had surgery. The energy helped the horse rest more comfortably.

Everyone has the ability to learn Reiki – it’s inside everyone, available for the accessing. For self healing, giving healing energy to others, manifesting goals, or helping kids, teens or pets, Reiki is something that can enhance one’s life. Learn more at my website reikiawakening.com.

Peace and blessings.