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The Dark Side of the Divine Feminine

It is relatively easy, in a Patriarchal Society, to pay tribute to the Creative Aspects of the Divine Feminine. Yet, one should at least appreciate the Non-Creative Aspects as well.

In Tantra Yoga one uses the ability to arouse certain energies of “Lust”, that when retained by the Practitioner, are termed “Ojas”.

When these Ojas physically and astrally manifest themselves, they are termed “Kalas” and relate very strongly to the Sexual, Astral, and Physical Fluids of the Male, and Female Human Being.

The Female is representative of the Lunar Force in both its waxing and Waning aspects, just as the Male is symbolic of the Light of the Sun in its yearly patterns of Increase and Decrease.

There are 14 base Kalas and 2 Hidden.

The Lunar Orbit is completed every 28 days, thus there are 14 days when the Light increases, and 14 days when the Light decreases. Each specific major Phase (i.e. either Waxing or Waning) adds to the number of Kalas and brings the number of Kalas to 15 types for each phase of this “Cycle of Time”, or Time “Period”. There is also a Hidden Kala which is outside of the Cycle of Time. Thus the total Kalas are 16 Bright Kalas, and 16 Dark Kalas.

In recent times, due to the Paternal structure of Society, only the Bright, Waxing, and Fertile Aspects of the Divine Feminine have been appreciated. Yet, the Darker Mysteries of the Divine Feminine are left largely unexplored. Many societies have Taboos against Sexual Intercourse during a Woman’s menses. This is a carry over of the fear of the Female, when she is elevated above the realm restricting her to the role of Mother, and Keeper of the Home.

For the Mysteries of the Dark Side of the Divine Feminine are the Mysteries of Sex for purposes other than Pro-Creation. It is the emission of the Blood that reveals this side of Things, not the emission of Semen. Blood has long been used as a medium for Spiritual Forces. At this point in a Woman’s reproductive cycle, there are Spiritual Forces that are emitted by the Menstrual Flow. These are the energies of Dissolution and the direct projection of the Divine Feminine Power (it is not introverted and retained for the production of a Child). No wonder Male-Dominated Society fears Sex outside of Procreation. It is a direct release of these Feminine-based energies into the World. These are “Transformational” energies, and are only “Destructive” in their ability to dissolve the “Illusion” of certain false viewpoints held by an unbalanced and Male-Dominated Society.

The Tantrics used a variety of techniques, but all of them were preceded by one thing… an appreciation, reverence, and worship for the “Non-Creative” Potencies of the Goddess.

First, there were certain Ritual Violations of Taboos of Caste, Diet, and Environment. This was not done to be offensive to other traditions, but to elevate the Participants over the Laws of both God(desses)s and Humanity. Thereby, ritually identifying the Participants as Deities in themselves. Then the Male began to “Worship” and Bathe the Goddess, anointing her with various perfumes and scented oils specific to varying body parts, and energy centers. The participants may spend days together before actually touching one another. Once touching began, Words of Holiness and Power would be vibrated into both Physical and Subtle Centers. Only the strongest among the “Heroic” Class would be deemed worthy, or able, to tolerate the presence of the Goddess in her Nakedness. An act made even more Powerful if menstruation was occurring.

Sexual actions would be very prolonged and orgasm specifically delayed and intensified in order that the personalities of the participants would be dissolved. Thus allowing the manifestation of Divine energy utilising the Bodies of the Participants as the appropriate Vessels required to contain the energies of the Deities invoked into corporeal form.

These Rites were conducted outside of the normal parameters of Orthodox Religion and Paternal Society. This side of Tantra was involved in the worship of the qualities of “Dissolution”, “Transformation”, and “Desire” which have nothing to do with the continuation of a Male Line. So, these things were labeled as “Dark” and “Malevolent” by the Establishment.

A return to the Mysteries of Lord and Lady should be inclusive of all sides of being in all their varied and sundry aspects. Hopefully, the future will bring us just such an appreciation of the True Nature of all things.