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Onyx is a member of the Quartz family.  It can have bands of layered color.  Black Onyx is most often dyed gray Chalcedony.  Ancient Greeks claim that Cupid cut Aphrodite’s nails and threw the pieces into the Indus River.   These pieces turned into Onyx.  Because of this connection to the Greek goddess of love, Onyx has the property to cool the ardors of love, but if you wear it for too long, it can cause the couple to part ways.  This could be because Onyx quells desire.  It can heal old wounds, grief, and sorrow.

The stone Onyx represents vigor, steadfastness, stamina, strength, and self-control.  It is a grounding stone; a connection with the whole is facilitated by Onyx through centering energy.  Indecision is overcome; it is replaced with peace of mind.  The decisions made help us learn lessons.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by stress, meditating with Onyx will help.  This stone is excellent for calming extreme stress.  It alleviates excessive fear and worry and brings intuitive guidance.  The proper support is given in stressful times.  This can help you be at-ease in your surroundings.

Teachers, students, business owners, lawyers, computer technicians could all benefit from using Onyx at work.  If you job calls for a high level of focus, perseverance, and discipline, Onyx can help with that.  It boosts the retention of memory and encourages attention to detail.

The self-control properties of Onyx can help you stick to an exercise or weight loss regime.  If you are trying to improve your health, Onyx can help.  Even if your goal is small, Onyx can help you stick to it and give you a sense of satisfaction when you reach that goal.  It also helps if you have an abundance of ideas, but lack the discipline to stick with it long enough to see it come to into being.  It teaches you that the most important control is self control and helps you keep grounded.

Onyx can absorb from the universe the energies that are required for its purpose.  It is said that Onyx holds the memories of things that have happened to the wearer.  It is important to cleanse Onyx often.  You should also not wear Onyx to bed or sleep with it under your pillow, it can cause bad dreams.  Onyx disperses negative energy so if you know you will be going into a negative situation you should carry it with you.  It also protects from psychic attack.  Onyx was thought to be a manifestation of a dream imprisoned in stone.