Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

Happy Birthday

Each of us was born at a particular time, on an exact day, in a specific month, in a certain year. This day is commonly known as our birth date. With our birth date and the coordinates of the place we were born, we are able to establish the alignment of the planets, sun and moon. This information is used to determine our individual natal chart. This chart has the ability to establish our path in life by graphing the patterns of energy that were brought into this dimension by our birth. A witch would find this chart beneficial for determining which type of magick he or she should utilize on any given day. It also determines when his or her energy is at its peak.

As illustrated above, we can see that our birth date is an important aspect when practicing the craft. Each of us possesses the energy of the zodiac sign we were born under giving us the traits of that particular element and astrological aspects. For example, my birthday is January 25th which means that I was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This sign’s element is air. Air governs thought, imagination and visualization. The astrological aspects of Aquarius are positive or extrovert, freedom loving, and individualistic. My ruling planet is Uranus which represents society, brotherhood, creativity as well as, sudden unexpected changes. So when working magick I need to take all this into consideration and be aware that my energy work will naturally be colored with these qualities.

Birth dates have been associated with witchcraft and magick for a long time. In ancient Greece they believed that everyone had a protective spirit or daemon who would attend the individual’s birth and would continue to watch over them during their life time. It was further believed that this daemon had a mystic relationship with the god or goddess whose birthday the individual was born on. Family and friends would gather around the birthday individual to offer protection, as it was believed that he or she was more susceptible to not only the benevolent spirits but also the malicious ones who were drawn to them on this day. An open flame would be prayed over as the smoke was supposed to carry the prayers and pleas of protection and blessing to the gods.

On our birthdays we are closer to the spirit world. We are opened to the divine energy of the universe and are able to tap that energy more easily since it is the day when we carried it into this dimension, into this life experience. We should celebrate this day for in doing so we celebrate that which is God and Goddess within us. It is the most magickal day of the year for each of us and if you are not in the habit of doing spell work or energy work on your birthday, I strongly suggest you do so. There is nothing else like it.

Bright Blessings.