)O( February Moon Report )O(

‘Pity me not the waning of the moon,
Or that the ebbing tide goes out to sea,
Or that a man’s desire is hushed so soon,
And you no longer look with love on me. ‘
-Edna St. Vincent Millay

February Moon Phases

Full Moon:

Feb 28  8:38 am

Full moons occur from fourteen to seventeen-and-a-half days after the new moon. Full moons are prime time for rituals for prophecy, protection, divination. Any workings that needs extra power, such as help finding a new job or healing for serious conditions, can be done now. Also, full moons aide work for love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money, divination, and dreams. It is said that full moon magic is like a white candle — all purpose.
Full moon magic can be conjured during the 3 days prior to the rise of the full moon, the night of the full moon and during the 3 days after.  .

Last Quarter:

FEB  5  3:48 pm

Between the full moon and the dark moon is the period of waning moon. The waning moon is best used for banishing and rejecting those things that influence us in a negative way. Negative emotions, diseases, ailments, and bad habits can all be let go and special spells for clearing can be performed at this time. Saging your home is a great idea during this time.

From three-and-a-half to ten-and-a-half days after the full moon.The waning moon is used for banishing magic, for ridding oneself of addictions, illness or negativity.

New Dark  Moon:

FEB 13  6:51 pm

The new moon is for starting new ventures, new beginnings. Also a good time for love and romance, health or job hunting, anything that is for personal growth, healing and blessing of new projects or ventures. The new moon is also a good time to cleanse and consecrate new tools and objects you wish to use during rituals, ceremonies or an up coming festival or something you just obtained. Some people call the new moon the dark moon and the terms are often interchangeably used.

New moon workings can be done from the day of the new moon to three-and-a-half days after.

First Quarter:

FEB 21  4:42 pm

The first quarter, called the waxing moon is best used for attraction and constructive magic, love spells, wealth, success, courage, friendship, luck, and healing energy.

Between the new and full moon from seven to fourteen days is a period of the waxing moon.

Please Note:

*Moon Phases (above) are at Pacific Standard Time

*Moon in Signs (below)  are at Eastern Time

February Full Moon  Names and Traditions *

Ice Moon, Storm Moon, Horning Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red and Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Somonath (Sun Month), Big Winter Moon

Other events in February:

Feb 1-3:  The Lesser Eleusian Mysteries of ancient Greece which is a celebration of the ‘Returning Daughter’ for Persephone.

Feb 7: Day of Selene/other Moon Goddesses

Feb 9: The Chingay Procession, the Singapore New Year, which is a celebration of Kuan Yin promising the coming Spring.

Feb 12: Festival of Diana/artemis, Divine Huntress.

Feb 13-18: The Parentalia and Feralia, a purification festival honoring the goddesses Mania and Vesta; devoted to the ancestors, peace, and love.

Feb 14-15: The Lupercalia, when women petitioned Juno-Lupa for children. Also honored the God Faunus, an aspect of Pan.

Feb 14-21: Aphrodite’s Festival of Love

Aphrodite (“Risen From Sea-foam”) is the Greek goddess of love, sexual passion, and beauty, one of the twelve Olympian gods. In the Iliad, She is the daughter of Zeus and the Titoness Dione, though the usual legend is that She was born from the blood and foam on the surface of the Sea after Ouranos was castrated by Kronos. She represents the creative powers of nature and the sea. Aphrodite is described as being the most beautiful of the Greek Goddesses, and rules over grace and beauty. In all, her realms include sex, desire, flirting, consummation of marriage, procreation, prostitution, impotence, merriment, love songs, peace, and the planet Venus. Offerings to Aphrodite include flowers and incense.

“The great and amorous sky curved over the earth, and lay upon her as a pure lover. The rain, the humid flux descending from heaven for both man and animal, for both thick and strong,  germinated teh wheat, swelled the furrows with fecund mud and brought forth the buds in the orchards. And it is I who empowered these moist espousals, I , the great Aphrodite…”- Aeschylus, The Danaides

Feb 17: Fornacalia of Feast of Ovens

Feb 20: The Day of Tacita (the silent goddess) who averts harmful gossip.

Feb 21: Lantern Festival in China and Taiwan and another celebration of Kuan Yin/Quan Yin/Kwan Yin

Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy, who’s name means “She Who Hears the Prayers of the World” was originally the mother goddess of China, who proved so popular She was adopted into the Buddhist pantheon as a bodhisattva,  is a person who has attained enlightenment but chooses to forgo Nirvana and remain in the world to help others attain enlightenment.Kwan Yin is known as a great healer who can cure all ills and calling her name in time of crisis is believed to grant deliverance. Kuan Yin’s role as Buddhist Madonna has been compared to that of Mary the mother of Jesus in the West. It is in truth the same soul. Devotees also invoke the bodhisattva’s power and merciful intercession with the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM– “Hail to the jewel in the lotus!” or, as it has also been interpreted, “Hail to Avalokitesvara, who is the jewel in the heart of the lotus of the devotee’s heart!” Throughout Tibet and Ladakh, Buddhists have inscribed OM MANI PADME HUM on flat prayer stones called “mani-stones” as votive offerings in praise of Avalokitesvara. Thousands of these stones have been used to build mani-walls that line the roads entering villages and monasteries.

Feb 22: The Carista, a day of family peace and accord.

Feb 23: The Terminalia in honor of Terminus, god of land boundaries.

Terminus in Roman mythology, the god of boundaries, the protector of the limits both of private property and of the public territory of Rome. He was represented by a stone or post, set up in the ground. The festival called Terminalia, took place at this time in which the owners of adjacent lands assembled at the common boundary stone, and crowned their own side of the stone with garlands; an altar was set up and offerings of cakes, corn, honey and wine were made and a lamb or a sucking pig was sacrificed. The proceedings closed with songs to the god and a general merrymaking, in which all the members of the families and the servants took part.

“O, swear not by the moon, th’ inconstant moon, That monthly changes in her circled orb…” -Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, 2:2:115

Moon In Signs

Moon phases are crucial to magickal workings but there is another valuable tool in the Moon’s magickal arsenal, Moon in zodiac signs. We know the Moon sets the emotional mood for the day, and using those subtle changes to your advantage can change a result from ‘fuzzy or vague’ to ‘perfect!’ To understand how this works, you need to understand how the Moon travels. Simply, it is the astrological sign the Moon travels through and it is something that should be considered when planning magickal workings, or  even mundane tasts. As the Moon’s phases gives off different energies, so too do the astrological signs she visits.  To figure out how the Moon in any particular sign will effect you, consider the nature of the sign the Moon is visiting.  For example,  if the Moon is in Virgo, it would be a great time to tend to details, tidying up, being efficient, make plans, but watch out for anxiety about what could go wrong, overthinking an issue etc.,

Elemental-Moon Magic

spells should be preformed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by that element: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.

* AIR *
spells should be performed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by that element: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.

* FIRE *
spells should be performed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by that element: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.

spells should be performed when the moon is in one of the astrological signs governed by that element: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.


Last Aspect                                                           Moon Enters New Sign

Date       Time                                                        Date                                           Sign                                         Time

1                11:17 pm                                                 2                                                  Libra                                       8:42 am

4                 4:55 pm                                                   4                                                 Scorpio                                   11:56 am

6                 11:11 am                                                6                                                 Sagittarius                                7:04 pm

8                 11:58 pm                                                 9                                                 Capricorn                                  5:43 am

11               7:39 am                                                 11                                                 Aquarius                                    6:24pm

13               11:33pm                                                 14                                               Pisces                                           7:23 am

16              9:32 am                                                   16                                               Aries                                             7:30 pm

18              10:52 pm                                                 19                                                Taurus                                         5:55am

21              7:15 am                                                    21                                                Gemini                                           1:47 pm

23               12:29 pm                                                  23                                               Cancer                                       6:29 pm

25               12:48 pm                                                25                                                Leo                                               8:08 pm

27                 3:15 pm                                                 27                                                Virgo                                            7:52 pm

Moon Void-of-Course

In about 28 days the Moon circles the Earth and she moves through each zodiac sign in two and a half days as you can see from the chart above. Because she moves one degree in two-two and a half hours her influence is short lived.  Though from the point where she reaches her highest degree within a sign to the point where she is reaching the next sign, it is called ‘void-of-course.’ It’s best to think of this short time period, as ‘dead time’ because plans usually don’t work properly. These are the times when we uncharacteristically exercize poor judgement because actions initiated during this time period aren’t given the full picture. But, all is not lost, this is a good time for just reflecting, not acting. If you are a person that likes to periodically ‘put things off’ well this is a great time for that. You can think about what to do when the Moon is right for it!

February V/C times

Date       Time

1                8:17 pm

4               1:27 am

6                8:11 am

8                8:58 pm

11              4:39 am

13              8:33 pm

16              6:32 am

18              7:52 pm

21              4:15 am

23              9:29 am

25             9:48 am

27              12:15 pm

*v/c  times are set to Pacific Time Zone.

)O( Moon Magic Tip:

Love To You Spell

Do this spell on a friday (ruled by Venus) night during a waxing or full moon
Things you will need:

1 sheet of lined paper

1 Red pen or marker/ dove’s blood and quill

1 letter envelope

your favorite perfume/oil of lavendar or rose

your favorite shade of red lipstick (optional)

a few Pink or Red flower petals

Write out the qualities you want in a lover on the sheet of paper using the pen/quill.

Next spritz the paper with your perfume or put a few drops of essential oil.

Fold the paper and place it in the envelope.

Now take the flower petals, hold them in your right or power hand. Envision yourself happy and in love, squeezing the petals tight in your hand. Keep envisioning this scene, with your lover having all the qualities you specified.

Drop the petals into the envelope. Seal the envelope closed and seal the whole spell with a kiss. Apply the red lipstick and kiss the envelope!! (optional)

Place in a safe place. Do not open it again, if you do this will break the spell.

*You should never use specific people in this spell as that is a binding/negative spell.










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