Indigo Children

    Merry Meet & Blessed Imbolc to everyone.  I hope that everyone has been doing well in the past month.  At this time, I will address the questions and concerns from last’s month’s column.
    Alyssa writes:
    I feel rather odd. I know much about Wicca, and about my path. But it seems I know nearly nothing about Indigo children, and Crystal children. I am empathic myself, and that too, I have nearly no control over. I seem to hold everyone’s negative energy while they go about their lives happily. Perhaps you could explain this a bit more to me?
    Alyssa, I felt that way as well for the majority of my life.  I didn’t know until I became an adult and learned what empathy truly was that I realized what was happening and why I would feel like I had been through a war by simply being around certain people.  Empathy truly is a gift.  However, it can become quite stifling until you learn how to control it.  I have tried many different methods.  The one that I have felt works best for me is to absorb the energy enough to ascertain what I can in order to help the person.  Then I imagine myself as light, reflecting sparks of light out to the person.  I have taught my children other methods also.  For example, my son imagines himself as wearing armor, like a knight.  My oldest daughter puts mirrors around herself.  My youngest daughter imagines herself in a big sparkly bubble.
    Susan writes:
    Alyssa, this is a serious issue for empathic people. When you feel yourself absorbing someone’s energy, no matter what kind, imagine yourself as being porous so that you can feel it to get an understanding, but do not keep it. Keeping negative energy is not healthy for your physical or emotional state of being. Many empathic people not only get sick, but also often put on weight to make room for all that “stuff.” We also do not want to drain someone of their positive energy as that is not fair to them. Creator has an endless supply of energy upon which you can draw. For ways to clear any energy you feel is not being helpful to you, you can take a look at the FAQ page of http://www.placeoflight.net.
    Rachel, thank you for your kind words.

Susan, you’re welcome and thank you for your valued input.