A Witch’s View

Winter is nearly over, and this year it seems to have been a very long season.  I think I got too happy at Samhain as it wasn’t cold and I wandered about with the kids in a witch costume and not much else.  My logical mind figured if it was mild at the end of October then surely winter couldn’t be too severe.  Well, that’s what you get for thinking and trying to out guess Mother Earth.

Luckily we faired quite well here in the South of England with only 1 heavy snowfall but it’s been so cold.  Freezing cold (and I’m not a big fan of being cold).  Now I can see signs of life returning and it’s giving me hope that the chilly weather is finally waning.  In the garden there are tentative buds on a tree and a few snowdrops have sprung up in the flower beds.

I think sometimes it can be difficult to flow with the seasons and although I complain about the cold (ok, I admit, I also complain about the heat) I do really enjoy witnessing Earth go through her cycles.  As I’ve got older and have fallen more in love with my Pagan path I see the need for the seasons and how they correlate to my own life.

When the weather is fine I love to be outside: exploring the countryside, visiting old castles and the odd cemetery or two.  So when I can’t be outside so much it forces me to redirect my energies so I have been planning and sowing seeds for the new season.  This ‘hibernation’ period is the natural flow but as life speeds up to warp speed 9 it can mean feeling frustrated and out of sorts with the world if you don’t adjust.  Things are slower in winter – it’s just the way it is!

I’m looking forward to welcoming Spring this month. I have plans and projects ready to go and I’ve already begun bringing new things into my life.  I recently bought a drum (my first instrument purchase ever) and I’ve added a few CDs to my collection which are musically different from anything I’ve ever owned before.

The Earth is waking up.  So am I.  Bring on the Spring, I’m ready.