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Two Book Reviews


Circle, Coven, & Grove


Simple Wicca


Faeries, Elves, & Other Kin teaches us about Banshees

A New Column on Auras and a new column on Oils begin this month!

Monthly Horoscope


(Feb 19- Mar 20)

Pisces the year 2010 will bring with it life changes, some of which will prove to be for the good, however, be mindful of those that are not. Unexpected difficulties will dot your horizon. But keep your stress under control, making yourself nervous will only add to your problems.

Feuds in your workplace will continue throughout this year, and your pocket book will feel it. Nevertheless, midway through this year you will recuperate somewhat, making your financial situation a bit more tolerable.

Monthly Prayer

Oh fair maiden may I talk with you
I know you know my names and I know yours too
Changing through the seasons, change thats never done
Light and Dark around the Wheel, the Moon and the Sun
Light and Dark around the Wheel, our dance has just begun
Oh fair Maiden can I sit by your side
Will you share what you know, will you trust and confide
And hear these words from my heart for they are true
My world has changed now that I’ve met you
Everything changed, when I saw you
And it was here within these wood where I first laid eyes
Here beneath these trees when I first realized
There was more to my life, these dreams I knew
I hear voices in the Wind, do you hear them too
I hear voices in the Wind, do they call to you
John Conlin

John is a contributing writer to Pagan Pages, currently sharing his thoughts in the “Rites and Ritual” section. He resides in Oregon, living outside town, within the forest near the base of Mt Hood. He hopes that his words reflect the magick and wisdom Nature offers.

Jennifer Wright is a witch on a path of change that is ever winding. She founded PaganPagesOrg over a decade ago in hopes of giving Pagans a platform to share and learn without judgment. She is now one of a Trinity of Goddesses running PaganPagesOrg. She loves to create in her spare time and you can find her Magickal Creations & Jewelry for sale on Her Page: This Witch’s Stitches & More Love Yourself.