Diet and Psychic Ability

What are the aura and chakras, and why are they important?
The aura is the energy field around your body. It contains three
layers- the body, mind, and spirit. They are separate but affect
each other. If there is a problem in one it can manifest a physical
problem in another. For instance if you neglect an emotional issue, it
can create a physical illness.
The chakras are points along the center line of our body where the
energy lines connect and cross. There are seven- the root, belly,
solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. When these energy
centers are blocked they can also manifest problems in our life.
The purpose of this column will be to tell you how to see these
different parts of the aura, a bit about each one, and how to heal them.
I firmly believe all people are born psychic, to some degree. Some
more so than others but all psychic. Watch small children in their
environment. They truly are naturally intuitive. As we grow many of us
are told that the things we experience are in our heads or unreal. We
try to rationalize away what we can’t explain or don’t understand.
In order to begin viewing and interpreting auras you need to re-awaken
your psychic awareness. There are many ways to do this, the first
being simply the desire to be open and aware. Next is to take care or
your general health. A body that is cluttered is a mind that is
cluttered. A raw food detox is excellent in clearing your mind and
opening your focus. Raw foods contain enzymes which help you digest
the foods and gain optimal nutritional absorption. As I have mentioned
before the mind body and spirit are connected and when the body is
clear, so is the mind. The body is not meant to retain toxic
materials. If you are not excreting regularly after meals you are not
only retaining toxins but also not absorbing as much nutrition as you
should from your food. This column is not about raw food diets as
there are many resources on the subject out there. I highly recommend
authors Natalia Rose and Ani Phyo to start with.

Next is to clear mind and body with yoga. Yoga becomes a spiritual
experience as we hold and maintain positions. Many yoga traditions,
particularly kundalini yoga, focus on visualizing and opening the
chakras. We will talk about this more as we discuss healing, but when
the body and mind are aligned physically and spiritually in thr manner
which yoga demands, it becomes easier to open ones self to outside
psychic influences.
Regular meditation is a must. Set yourself up a corner somewhere in
your home or on your property with comfortable seating or cushions where
you can sit or lie. If you desire you may ring a bell, play
instrumental music, or light a candle. Safe space is key. Before
beginning say a prayer to the energy source of your choice asking for
protection over your circle as you work Clear your mind. If thought
enters acknowledge it, label it thought, and then push it away. See
what visions and mesages come to you. Pay attention to the things that
don’t seem
To have been put there by your own conscious thought. As you practice.
you will begin to have visions or hear phrases that don’t seem to have
entered by your own thought or creation. Keep a notebook to write down
these experiences after each session.
Clear spirit, clear mind, clear body, and absolutely important to
awakening your psychic ability in cases where you feel your ability
has been blocked, stunted, or lost.
Beginning or incorporating even a few of these practices will aid you.
as we begin our journey in seeing, interpreting, and healing auras
together through this column.