Hally’s Hints

Are We Limiting Ourselves?

There is no doubt that following a Pagan path rarely has been from birth, speaking strictly in my experience. Most of those that I have had the honour to know have initially been of a different faith as a child and through the universal guidance found their way to Paganism.

I had wondered whether once we find the path we are on does it remain stagnant or do we allow ourselves to continue to evolve irrelevant of where our journey takes us?

There are so many dimensions and aspects to being a Pagan that I wonder whether any of us are becoming too comfortable in status quo and not allowing our natural evolution to take us to a deeper level of where we are.

Consider this: there are so many things we do in life purely because it has been done before or more often than not, it is comfortable. We remain in the same job, same relationship, same everything because it is easier than questioning whether this provides us with the happiness and growth we need to be who we are in essence.

The same goes for our spiritual journey. Do we allow our habits of our day to day dictate how we live our spiritual life? Do we use the same spells and methods because we know they work or do we venture out once in a while?

With this being said, I am in no way suggesting this is relevant to any or all. It is more of a question whether I am the only one that ponders on the evolution of our spiritual self; of where we have come from, the experiences that we have had the humbled pleasure of adding to our lives and the impact this has made to the person we have become.

The funny thing about transformation, particularly that in respect to spiritual growth; when it happens it can be in leaps and bounds and so much so that it is easy to forget who we were a month, a year or ten years ago.

I am someone that always likes to mix it up. Whether that is because I am mildly eccentric, too creative or have trouble relaxing I wanted to pose something fun for you to try this month.

Add something new to what you do.

Be it a different style of meditation, express a different aspect of how you see Paganism, experience it a different way to what you usually do simply because you can. Remember, this can be a once off or you may even find that it allows you to broaden your perspective allowing you to grow in areas complementing your spiritual self and your beautiful Pagan path.

Comfort can provide a false sense of security limiting you and disempowering you from connecting completely to what is true to you and the person that you are and have become.

Are you limiting yourself or are you allowing your natural evolution to flow through from the tips of your toes all the way to your higher self?