Protection Meditation

Psychic protection is a hot button topic in a lot of circles.  Do we merely reflect what is being thrown at us or do we defend ourselves.  There is a lot of confusion as to whether the protective magick should be passive or active.

This meditation works on both levels.  It makes you acutely aware of what is going on around you and you work actively maintain it.  It also effectively neutralizes the negative energy that may have been directed toward.  The protective meditation that follows is meant to be repeated on a regular basis.  I recommend you revisit it monthly.

Visualize a spider web of stunning silver filled with protective energy surrounding yourself or the area that you want to protect.  The web, though having small openings, will not allow negative or harmful energy to pass through.  You will key the web to only allow positive and non-malicious energy to pass through unabated.  To do this you will want to reach out to the web, touch it and infuse it with your intent.  See the energy spiraling into the center of the web, reinforcing all the anchor and radial lines.

Imagine all negativity or harmful intentions becoming ensnared in the web.  Once they are in the web they become inextricably caught by the magick you have woven.  Once something is trapped in the web you will want to think of it becoming wrapped in a cocoon of spider silk.  The silk will contain it until the energy naturally dissipates or you neutralize it.

To neutralize the energy see the negativity, ill-will, or attack dissolving within the cocoon.  See the energy traveling from the cocoon down the strands of the web to an anchor line.  See the energy safely being grounded out and returned to the earth.

In order to keep the web functional, some maintenance will be required.  Over time you may notice that a part of the web has been damaged.  Recharge the web occasionally by retuning it to yourself and your energy.  Gently reach out with your minds eye and touch the web.  Pluck each anchor point. (These are the points of the web that secure it and where the radial lines attach.)

See a shining drop of silver on each anchor point as you concentrate on the strength and protection you need. See it moving toward the center of the web.  This will repair any tears or dim places in your web.  See each drop moving closer to the center until they all converge in the center or the web.