Musings of a Massachusetts Witch

This is the second part in an ongoing experience titled – Entity

The latest experience I’ve had with our entity was early December 2009. I had awoken on a snowy Sunday morning with a headache and a general ill feeling. After feeding the family lunch and setting up a DVD in the living room for the children I returned upstairs to rest hoping to take a short nap and rid myself of the headache. I requested that my husband wake me in an hour as dinner still needed to be prepared before it was put in the oven. He agreed to wake me but lay with me for a short time until I drifted off to sleep. He hadn’t planned on napping as he had some things he wanted to get done that afternoon.

I was startled awake by the sensation of a presence in the room after only a few minutes. I thought that it was my husband getting out of bed so I gently rolled over expecting to find him there but his spot was vacant. I fell back to sleep. A short while later I awoke again. I felt as though someone was walking across the room towards the foot of the bed. I lay awake but with my eyes closed assuming once more that it was my husband coming to wake me as I had asked him. Or perhaps Alchemy had gotten in the room and was coming to curl up next to me as he did numerous times prior. Neither occurred. I turned to check the digital clock that sat on the night table and found that I had only slept for about 20 minutes. I sat up and noted that the door to the bedroom was shut. There was no way the cat could have gotten into the room.

I wasn’t the only person to encounter our entity. My nephew, who is 17 years old, spent the month of December living with us in our home. He slept on a cot in our son’s bedroom. He told me about a dream he had a few days after the above experience. He explained that in his dream he was sitting on the sofa in our living room. A girl around his age dressed in light colors – white or beige – descended the stairs while having a conversation with him. It was as if they had known each other for years. He wasn’t afraid though he didn’t recognize her. He couldn’t make out her features. Her name began with the letter S but he couldn’t remember what it was. Sally? Susan? Sandy? Sharon? But he thought perhaps it might be – Sarah.

The last week of December my nephew had an additional incident while in my son’s bedroom. The boys were getting ready for bed for the night. My nephew was arranging his blankets on the cot trying to pull them up so that they would reach over his shoulders but they seemed to be stuck. He explained that “it was if someone was sitting on the bed stopping me from pulling them up.” He yanked on them a few times. Finally “it felt as if something had rolled off the bed releasing the blankets.” Both boys were unnerved by the incident.

Compiling these occurrences lead me to believe that perhaps the entity was Nana, around Samhain, but that some other presence was and is with us now. I think that perhaps my nephew’s dream was more of a message for us. Perhaps from our entity. Could our visitor be a young woman named Sarah? Why is she here? Is there something she desires from us? Could it be my Spirit Guide manifesting in our home? So many questions and no answers.

My husband and I decided that we would begin researching the history of our historic home. Perhaps discovering who had lived here would uncover clues that might lead us to a better understanding of what we were experiencing in the home. Maybe there was a Sarah who dwelled here years ago. Our search might uncover nothing of importance but I knew it would be interesting at the least. Our first visit would be to the library archives where they kept historical records. We would begin the following week.