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Coral is viewed by many cultures as a gift from the deities.  Ancients believed that if you polished, ground, cut, or carved Coral its magical energy would be destroyed.  It is also believed that if a piece of Coral breaks during magic, the broken pieces should be returned to the sea and a new piece should be used.  Pacific Islanders used Coral as an important piece in many religious and magical rites.

In the Mediterranean it was thought to contain the life essence of the Mother Goddess who lived in the ocean.  Some Hindu cultures follow the belief that after death a soul lives in the ocean.  Coral was used as a powerful amulet to protect from evil spirits occupying the living.  In some cultures temples were built from Lava Rocks and Coral and it was placed on the graves to guard the deceased.  Some modern Pagans object to using Coral in magic because it is the skeletal remains of a sea creature.

Coral helps ease depression, negativity, and concern with what others think.  It effects inner changes and dispels foolishness, nervousness, fear, and panic.  Other people’s issues are dispelled.  Coral is excellent for emotions and energy flow.  It represents wisdom, diplomacy, imagination, reason, prudence, and courage.  Romans wore Coral to attract love.

When worn so it is plainly visible it is a protective amulet and can be used against the evil eye and some magical creatures.  It protects sailors and travelers and even crops increasing their yield.  Coral is said to guard against accidents, violence, poison, theft, and possession.  It is even said to pale in color to warn of ill health.  If you have suffered physical trauma, Coral can repair the aura.

Visualizations is enhanced when done with Coral and disturbing dreams are driven away producing a more peaceful sleep.  Coral has a strong association with luck.  To bring this energy into your home, touch Coral to every door, window, and wall then place in a place of honor and let it work.

Coral is an excellent first stone for children because it protects them from the adventures of life.  It is said to ease the pain of cutting teeth and helps guard a child’s health.  It offers a very strong magical protection for children.