How to see the aura
Mental aura reading is a relatively rare skill to come across in a person. You need to learn not only how to see the aura but also how to interpret what is is that you see.
While aura photography does exist it is met with much skepticism and does not replace your own personal intuition.

Anyone can learn to see and read auras. The best way to begin is with people who are close to you whose personalities and histories you are familiar with. Not only are you already familiar with their energy, knowing their history and personality will help you interpret your findings.

Begin with a sketchpad, colored pencils or oil pastels, and a dimly lit room. The dim room is important to avoid the auras your eyes naturally see after looking at a bright light. Set up safe space. Try lighting a candle or saying a prayer.
Start with your own hand. The hands and head radiate the most energy from the body and thus are easiest to see.* Hold it slightly above an off white piece of paper and let your eyes and mind relax. Try to find a place where you can be uninterrupted. If you wish, try meditating, smudging, lighting incense, or practicing yoga before beginning. The clearer your mind is the easier this will be.  The first thing you may notice is something that looks like heat waves, but instead of rising they may radiate from your fingertips. This is generally the spirit layer that is seen first. Your spirit or soul is the core of your energy. We will talk more about this later.
Continue to practice this exercise. Take notes upon finishing. Note observations such as how far the aura extended from your hand, any colors, was it translucent or opaque, did it move and shift or was it stAtionary, etc. As you practice, try seeing if you can will the aura to shift, change colors,grow, or shrink.
All living things have auras. Next try using your favorite houseplant. Its aura will not be as strong as a humans but should still be visible to you. In the dim room, place the plant on a table with a neutral colored sheet or wall as a backdrop. Relax your eyes and mind as you have with the hand exercise.
When writing notes try to note not only what you see, but what other impressions you get from your subject. Is the plant healthy? Vibrant? Dying? Your intuitive sense is every bit as important as what you see with your eyes.
At some point in your practice you may begin to see colors of auras, not just the waves of energy.
Take your sketchbook and draw the aura you see around the plant.

Some people may never see more than just the “heat waves”, others may go as far to see all three layers as well as sparkles, shapes, and gain an intuitive sense to what these visions mean.
As you gain ability and confidence move onto the aforementioned family member or friend. Have them sit in the dimmed room and safe space with the neutral wall or sheet behind them. Start by focusing only on their head. The head contains the crown, third eye, and throat chakras. First note and draw if you see these. Are they open? (bright and glowing, proper color) are they closed or dim? Write this all down. Then, extend your focus slightly above and past their head. Let your eyes relax. The aura will appear around them. Try this time to focus first on their physical being. Is your friend healthy? Do they have headaches or sinus problems? Note or draw what you see or feel.
Next attempt to focus on their emotional/mind aura.
What do you see? Are they happy?sad? Angry? In love? Continue o draw and note what you see or feel.
Lastly we will be looking at the spirit layer. This should e the strongest, largest, and easiest to see.
When you are finished with your drawings and notes, show them to your subject. Ask questions about your accuracy and see if your interpretation feels correct to them. How do the react to it? Are they surprised by what they see? Sometimes these readings bring up issues your subject was unaware of.
If you choose to pursue aura reading as a profession of can often help to have some counseling experience as well in order to help your clients process the information you give them. You can easily obtain (often free) training at a local crisis center.

*in fact there is a theory that this is why people have  traditionally painted halos over saints and angels in historical art pieces. Persons who are very pure tend to have a white aura, strongest at the head.