Hally’s Hints


The physical plane; the ethereal plane; it is all relative to who we are as souls, spirits or whatever name resonates with you. As connected as we are to the universe it can seem obvious that moving between the two is easier than once thought and can often deters us from the purpose of this particular life.

Let us take a step back…

When we consider that reality is determined by our own perspective it creates an endless array of definitions for reality; approximately nine billion. So when hearing the term ‘come back to reality’ it is difficult not to smile.

Taking this a litter further we add meaning to all the elements that we perceive which impacts on how our reality is determined.

Consider that Person A attaches the meaning to an animal being that of a child and Person B determines an animal as a lesser species. Imagine the conversation that would transpire on the topic of animals. Is it any surprise the amount of misunderstandings that occur on a daily basis?

The purpose of this elaborate definition is to take us to the topic of this month’s article. We evolve on our spiritual journey gaining more awareness with many of us learning to experience, communicate and travel between planes. Though I would not recommend this practice as something to do when you are bored, but rather something to be done with absolute care taking every precaution possible; the experience cannot be compared to the day to day of conscious living. Consequently it can become increasingly difficult for some to want to spend much time here on Earth.

We must remind ourselves that though our journey has enabled our evolutionary travel we nevertheless are human and in no better terms need to ‘face reality’.

The simple truth is that we all have a purpose and the life we have will never come around again in our ethereal existence however, our ethereal travelling will continue for the duration of our existence, irrelevant of what world or plane we exist in.

It is very possible that the reason it seems easier is because we have been there and done that more times than we can count and consequently it is a more comfortable place to be. The “human” role can be challenging because it is so very physical and can at times seem limiting. The fact remains that we still control our physical through our ethereal. As such, we can control our reality.

When you begin to prefer communicating with other planes due to it being so liberating and peaceful, perhaps others from the physical plane without the same level of awareness may deem this illogical or supernatural, there is a life waiting for you to fulfill and enable you to move forward to wherever it is you need to go.

Avoid this and you may miss out on the best reality possible – your life.