Happy April!!!

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Interview with Author Orion Foxwood


Ostara with Goddess Cards


The art of Erin Martinez


And many more great articles!!!


Taurus 2010 Horoscope (Apr 20- May 20)


Taurians you possess very significant characteristics special to this sign only. Uncertain times will plague you throughout the first quarter of the year, but don’t lose hope better times will arrive as the seasons change; you will find success in not only work but in family and love as well but be watchful of those who would have you to believe there is a pot o gold at the end of the rainbow, you will have to work hard for all you achieve but in the end success will be yours.

By: CelticMoon

Monthly Prayer

Earth, Water, Fire and Air
We thank you for this wonderous fare
Goddess, God, Moon and Sun
We are grateful for all you have done
Blessed be my Goddess, Blessed be my God
And blessed be our Path

John is a contributing writer to Pagan Pages, currently sharing his thoughts in the “Rites and Ritual” section. He resides in Oregon, living outside town, within the forest near the base of Mt Hood. He hopes that his words reflect the magick and wisdom Nature offers.