Meditation on Messages

Spring is in the air and with it comes a multitude of possibilities.  The days are longer, and everything seems brighter.  We’re more open and receptive to what is happening.  The messages that are waiting for us are more accessible if you are willing to listen.For this meditation you’ll want to be outdoors or in a sunny area of the house.  Feel the sun on your face and feel it melt away any worry or anxiety you may have.  Feel the warmth fill you up and expand within you.  Feel it enter from the top of your head and flow down into your body.  Let it ease the ache in your shoulders and your back.  Allow the warmth to relax your muscles and ease your mind.  When you are completely relaxed, take a deep breath in and out.

Being completely relaxed you’ll be open to any messages that the gods may want to share with you.  To receive messages from the gods we have to bridge the gap between our realm and theirs.  One of the easiest ways to go about this is to create a bridge between the middle and upper realms.  You will need to picture, in your minds eye, a rainbow.

The rainbow will become our bridge because it is a naturally occurring phenomenon that already spans those boundaries.  The rainbow will begin to emerge from the ground near your feet and it will extend into the clouds.  As the colors begin materializing in front of you see them become more opaque and solid.  Test it with your foot till you can visualize that it is as firm as the ground you currently stand on.

Slowly place one foot after the other on the bridge.  Feel the stability of it and know that it is a solid structure that will hold firm as long as you need it.

As you take each step you have a clearer focus about the questions you want to ask of the gods.  You also open yourself up to any and all possible things the gods wish to share with you.  When you are completely receptive a messenger will appear.

The messenger is the goddess, Iris.  She stands before you in flowing white robes, with golden wings and a herald’s rod.  She is silent, but extends her hand out to you.  What she offers is a small scroll.  Reach out and take the parchment and unroll it.

The images or text you see are messages specifically for you.  What do you see? More importantly what are the impressions you are getting from the object in conjunction with those images?

Before you can make the retreat back to the mortal realm, you need to return the scroll to Iris.  Politely thank her for the gift.  She then collects the message and moves off into the clouds to reconvene with the gods.

You can remain there and ponder what has been reveled to you until you are ready to return.  When you are ready make your way back down the rainbow bridge.  As your feet make the transition from the bridge to the earth it will dissolve behind you.  Take the knowledge you have received and put it to use in your daily life.