A Walk on the Pagan Path

Isn’t this time of year amazing? The Earth awakens and brings forth its colorful beauty. The birds fill the air with their cheerful songs. People get the urge to go outdoors and fire up the grills. As we step outside and take a breath of fresh air, our minds actively respond to everything our senses take in. Spring is a time of rebirth for the Earth in so many ways. Conversations begin to consist of births and weddings more than any other time. However, I find that I often think of death at the beginning of this particular season. Funny thing is, I am sure I am not alone.

Death crosses my mind during the autumn, which makes sense to many, then again in the spring. This only happens during the first few weeks of the changing of the season then it diminishes. As I see the Earth emerge froms its winter slumber, I take a moment to think of what has happened in my life for the past two seasons. How death and rebirth has made its presence known. In my opinion, when you think about all the important and meaningful things that have happened in your life or transitions that have taken place in 6 months intervals, you will remember all the little things that meant so much. This is much easier to do than thinking of these things once a year or when certain events happen as many do and then forgetting many of the finer details.

On one sunny afternoon while relaxing outdoors, I found myself mentally taking note of this past autumn and winter and the death and rebirth transitions that have taken place in my life. I have found that part of myself died spiritually. During the past two seasons, I discovered that the path I was studying was not working for me. I felt empty spiritually. Therefore, I began studying the darker side of the pagan path and found that my spiritual side was reborn. It was still as strong as I once knew it to be yet changed into something more than it ever was.

I have also seen a transition in my oldest son. At 14 years of age, I have seen such a change in him as he allows the child-like ways about himself to die out and the birth of his more manlier ways come forth. Among other things, I have also seen the death and birth/rebirth of the following:

  • Relationships
  • Habits
  • Thoughts

In addition to all of this, there is the usual spring practices that I do to bring a sense of renewal into the seasonal equation. There is spring cleaning of the home and replenishing my supplies. Not only should one focus on this traditional practices, remember to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Reconnect with deity. Buy some new books. Learn basket weaving or how to crochet. With the new buds blooming outdoors, bring something new into your life.

I would love to hear of any thoughts that you may have during this time of year or any certain practices you have for the spring season? Do you take a moment and look back at the events that may have happened during the autumn and winter? I look forward to your insightful responses for this months article.