Hally’s Hints

Finding Your Ethereal (Spiritual) Balance

There is no doubt that with every gift there comes a responsibility that is not glamorous and holds a weight many without cannot begin to fathom.

It is easy to take foregranted that like many things we practice there is an unspoken set of rules to abide by, for the greater good and when this does not happen there are consequences.

Let’s take a step back…

Your Spiritual Purpose

It is believed that we are all here to fulfill an overall purpose. That this life we are in will contribute and is a stepping stone in our journey. Those that enter our lives have been already organised prior to coming onto the human plane and are here to assist us, as we are to assist them. As one helps us, we help them.

Sometimes it can seem that it is one-sided, however, it is always to benefit both parties. Even strangers that we meet that may pick up something we have dropped by accident to the local shop assist helping us pick out the perfect outfit. It can be astounding to consider, and to compound this even further; those that we are close to have been with us for many life times where we each have played different roles.

I have often wondered what I was thinking when I chose my family to some of the friends I have had. However, upon reflection, once the lesson was learnt and the purpose was fulfilled the meaning became clear.

Consequently, the gifts that we possess are to assist us fulfill our purpose and to assist those on our journey. It may be to forgive the soul of your sister to providing an opportunity for a best friend to redeem themselves for a wrong done in a previous life. The possibilities are endless and can be very confronting particularly when our gifts develop to the point of us being ready to use them for which they were intended. We are then provided with such information that may leave us wondering if we are delusional or have an exceptional imagination. Fear not, you will know if it is real or not. There is no place for logic in the ethereal plane. Your unconscious mind will guide you and provide you the information that you need to know.

Human Temptations

As a human, there are temptations and evolutionary hurdles that we must face. Some call it a sin to be selfish or undertake in circumstances that are only to benefit the individual. This of course, is a very fine line. So, let’s look at the positive side of this fine line.

As many of us know, being a human is not easy and to succeed in this life, even at the most basic level, will provide a leap rather than a step in our spiritual journey. There is a very good reason that life is not easy because the lessons that need to be learned must be achieved to become part of who we are rather than repetition of words lacking meaning.

Finding the Balance

This brings me back to our gifts. Our gifts are from an ethereal level (or spiritual depending on the wording you choose to use) and as such, when logic and the conscious mind are added it can provide for frustration, confusion and sometimes unbearable anxiety.

In order to adjust it can be challenging at best and what can happen is that we go to extremes to cope. We either decide to play on the ethereal plane longer including keeping our conscious mind at that level, or we become extremely mechanistic omitting our ethereal self; as though this doesn’t exist and then we don’t need to deal with it.

Either way, something has to give and the end result can be twice as detrimental. The choice is yours. Remember for every action there will be a consequence and whilst in this life, consider what is going to serve you the best; what is going to provide you with the most fulfilling end result. Whatever you decide; whatever resonates true within who you are will be the right answer. This will vary from person to person as each of us is at different stages of our journey.

When standing in your own truth; allowing your human self to connect to your spiritual self creating the perfect synergy of who you are; perfect in this very moment – the rest will be as it needs to be.