Scents for your Sensibilities


Now we are going to have a little fun with some recipes. Most of the ones we will discuss  were discovered or created by Scott Cunningham in his book titled Incense, Oils & Brews. I have always found this book to be a priceless tool when trying to figure out what to blend with what and by how much technically. Though I always go by what my intuition tells me, Mr. Cunningham gives me an excellent base to start off with.

Many of his scents or recipes for scents have worked really well for just about every person I have ever spoken with about it. They say this book is “the” book, so if you have a limited budget and would like a great book that covers almost everything, grab this one.

So okay, I didn’t receive any recipes form readers who were in love with their results, however, I have one for prosperity that I creates and love, and I will include one from the book.

The first is a ritual oil I rub on a candle for spells designed to bring prosperity.

Prosperity Ritual Oil
(Kerry A Morgan)
You really don’t need a ton of this but I do not measure things traditionally. I use my nose and intuition to know if I should add more or less of something and you should do the same when working with oils. It IS for you, whatever it is you’ve decided you need the oil for, so it should speak to you. Using your own senses for this is always best.

For me- Patchouli Oil works wonders in the money department. So I use this as my main scent. Using an amber colored bottle to keep it safe from the sun, I fill it with at least 1/3 of your basic, but good quality patchouli oil. The next scent that I add is chamomile by adding an actual little crushed budded flower. Depending on how the scent works at the time, I add 1/3. Then I top off the bottle with one of two scents. Either a mint/peppermint, or I’ll use cedar wood. Sometimes the chamomile doesn’t want to work under my nose so to speak, so I’ll use basil oil instead, but even if it squinches my nose a bit, I try to stick with chamomile. I try to do this close to a full moon so it can set overnight, then I use the oil on a green candle to ritualize it before burning it. To bring money quickly to you, rub in a twisting motion, the candle from the bottom – upwards in a clockwise motion, until it feels like it is ready. Then light and let burn until all gone in a safe environment.

The recipe for fast money inside S.C.’s book is this;

Seven drops of patchouli, 5 drops of cedar wood, four drops of vetivert, and two drops of ginger, again in a dark colored bottle. Wear, rub on your hands, on ritualize a green candle with this recipe. Also bless and anoint any money you receive to ensure its quick return.