Rebel Rede

A Rabbit of Doubt

We all have doubts. We all have those times in our lives when we are down, depressed, and just plain tired. It is during these dark times that we usually start to have doubts about our beliefs and our chosen paths. This is not only normal it is completely healthy. Paganism does not have the rules and regulations that the Judeo-Christian religions do. This aspect of Paganism is a double edge sword though and can work both for and against us. One of the reasons it is so easy for a Pagan (or Wiccan) to “lose” their faith is because we do not have any higher authority pushing us not to fall. We do not have a bible or a pastor who holds us to a strict way of life. We do not have the fear of being sent to hell or the fear of a God-sent punishment. This lack of fear is what makes it so easy for us to fall. On the plus side though, we also do not have any forced guilt when we finally do fall. There is no higher authority yelling at us for making a human mistake. We do not fall before our Gods in fear and beg them for mercy. As Pagans we do not generally believe in the concept of sin or hell. We do not believe that we have to earn the right to an afterlife. We can be human and still be Divine. We can make mistakes or have serious doubts and still be a good person! It is okay to change your spiritual beliefs. It is okay to rename or re-categorize your beliefs and path. You might go from being a Wiccan witch, to a Hoodoo practitioner, to an Atheist, and back to a Wiccan witch all in the same year. The important aspect of doubt is that is helps us to grow. It helps us to clearly define what it is we believe and why. Our belief systems and faith are not perfect. That is alright though because perfection should never be the goal. We should always be striving to grow and learn as people, as witches. Our beauty is in both our humanity and our divinity! Don’t be afraid to fall friends!  Don’t be afraid to follow the rabbit of doubt down the hole to see where it will take you! Wonderland is never far away!