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Welcome to the May Issue of PaganPages.

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Interview with Materdea


Up and Coming artist Cernunnos

Plus all your favorite Regular Columns.
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Monthly Horoscope

Gemini 2010 Horoscope (May21- June 21)


Gemini’s stronger than ever are your powers of observation, so use this time to your advantage to figure out what is going on with you romantic relationships. Soon you will be able to make more sense out of not only your personal life but career as well.

By: CelticMoon
Monthly Prayer

This is my invocation (prayer) to the God, that I speak when lighting his candle.
God of my Sun, God of my Fire
God who lives and dies, yet never tires
God whose light by which I see
God whose flame burns within me
God who shows me how to live
God who teaches how I should give
God who shows me how to die
God who teaches what matters more than I
God whose word is a promise to be
A god of truth, a god of strength, A god of responsibility
God whom by his Goddess always stands
God who makes me proud to be a pagan man

John is a contributing writer to Pagan Pages, currently sharing his thoughts in the “Rites and Ritual” section. He resides in Oregon, living outside town, within the forest near the base of Mt Hood. He hopes that his words reflect the magick and wisdom Nature offers.