Local Author R. Wolf Baldassarro Releases New Book and Launches Online Bookstore



Where Mind, Body, and Spirit Converge

May 6, 2010— R. Wolf Baldassarro once again shares his imagination, his insight, and his passion with the world in Under a Sunlit Sky. Within this new anthology of poetry, short stories, photography, and social commentary unfolds a life filled with hope, despair, passion, and rejection.

These are turbulent times in the Motor City.  The hard economic times and social climate has affected every aspect of life and like many people, R. Wolf Baldassarro has experienced the ups and downs of life’s highway.  The poetic verses in Under a Sunlit Sky run the full range of emotion and sensibility while the short stories show an imagination that is surreal and often humorous all while set to the backdrop of life in Detroit.

Taking the reigns of his literary career into his own hands Wolf has created, through his label Deep Forest Productions, and in partnership with PayPal and Amazon, an online bookstore for all of his endeavors including his printed works and eBooks, art gallery prints of his photography, and many other trademarked items of Deep Forest Productions.  The bookstore goes live May 6, 2010 at www.deepforestproductions.com.

Showing no signs of slowing down, Wolf continues to be an active member of the community by seeking involvement in all manner of media creation and also runs a paranormal research group focusing on the haunted history of the southern Michigan region with the Deep Forest Paranormal Society.  His knowledge and skills in ghost hunting are showcased every month as a columnist for Pagan Pages magazine in which he writes about the world of the paranormal titled Across the Great Divide.

A month-long media campaign for Under a Sunlit Sky will coincide with the launch of the Deep Forest webstore leading up to a book-signing and reading that will take place on Saturday June 5, 2010 at Biggby Coffee in Madison Heights, Michigan.  The event will run from 7 pm until 9 pm for all ages.  Biggby’s is located at 31055 John R., Madison Heights, MI 48071.  An after party will take place immediately following at Augie’s Bar & Grill for those 21 and older.  Augie’s is located at 31660 John R., Madison Heights, MI 48071.

For more information on R. Wolf Baldassarro and his literary world visit his website at http://www.deepforestproductions.com.

Link to Publications:  http://www.deepforestproductions.com/bookstore.html


When not busy pursuing the mysteries of the afterlife as an active paranormal investigator, R. Wolf Baldassarro writes novels, poetry, and blogs on various subjects. He has been a guest on radio, television, and internet broadcasts and his literary accomplishments include having been twice featured in the Mused Literary Review, self publishes novels, and he writes a monthly column for Pagan Pages magazine. For more information or to contact the author please visit http://www.deepforestproductions.com.