The spirit level of the aura is the third and largest. It extends the furthest from the body and is generally the easiest to see. This level is the most likely to stay the same color throughout our life with few variations unless faced with a massive life altering situation such as a severe illness or near death experience.
As always changes in this level can affect us in other aspects of our life. Our spiritual path is perhaps our most important as it gives us direction.
Time and fate are confusing for people because they are both linear and non linear. This seems like a contradiction and impossible. We are all on fated paths in life. When you are born many paths lay out before you, like arrows.
Every choice you make or that is made for you places you on a specific path. Even more importantly, each path has a dual aspect to it- the right path, and the wrong path. It is easy to get deeply immersed in a path so far that it is nearly impossile to veer off of. As we go through life all
Of those paths laid before us at birth become fewer and fewer till eventually there is only one left. It is sort of like a choose your own adventure novel, eventually there is only one way to go. Did you pick the right one?
This is where your spirit or soul aura comes into play. Knowing what your aura asks of you is key in helping to decide  your life path. Fighting your correct fate often leads to misery. When people indicate that when they finally “let go” and let god, fate, what have you, decide, this is when things fell into place for them, this is what they are talking about.
Let’s say your predominAnt aura shade is green. While you may have a slighty different intuitive feel from the color green, in general greens are healers. Often doctors, midwives, nurses, etc. In addition greens are often literally green having a close connection with the earth. They tend to be happier outdoors with their hands in the ground. Sometimes greens combine both their sides and become herbalists or nutritionists using their garden to heal others. If a green were to choose a life path that didn’t fit this need to heal or e outdoors, they would be inherently miserable. Either say a parent, well wishing, encourages us to a different path, or our own choices and desires become misguided. Perhaps as some point we’ve turned to drugs or a path that may lead us down a difficult and dangerous road.
Knowing what is in our own souls prevents us from heading down the wrong path.