Finding Balance: A Meditation

justice scale

Balance is tenuous, it is delicate and hard to maintain.  The hustle and bustle of our daily lives often pushes us out of harmony with those around us and our spirituality.  So, how do we pull everything back into alignment?

I find the best lessons always present themselves when we need them and are ready to truly listen. I recently went to the Botanical Gardens here in St. Louis with a couple of friends. While we were enjoying the morning, taking photos, and discussing a variety of topics my friend related to me the story of the Japanese garden and how it was laid out.  Everything had been done in a precise manner, being mindful of the areas that were open, those that were closed, and those that focused on a particular area.

I had never taken the time to appreciate the layout before, just maneuvering through my previous visits and noting the plants and moving on.  However, I took the time to hear her words, and pay particular attention to the landscape around me.  The most striking aspect was the three standing stones in the lake.  As we started the walk through the garden they were three distinct pillars.  Through the journey they merged and seemed to become one as they jutted out of the water, and then as you emerged from the garden they again separated. The standing stones there mirror to me the way we all come into and out of balance.  The moments of complete alignment are sometimes brief and intense or they can linger, but always it is a cycle.

For this meditation it would be better to be outside if possible.  Lie in the grass and close your eyes, feel the earth beneath you and let your troubles melt into the ground.  Take a deep breath and let it slowly out relaxing into the earth a little more with each breath.

See in your mind’s eye a series of standing stones.  You see them arranged in a cluster in the distance and you’re mindful that you need to be in alignment with them.  In doing so you’ll pull yourself into balance with the mental, physical, and spiritual realms.  Be aware of the path you take as you try to pull them into alignment.  Which direction did you go; did you move closer or farther away?

As they start to merge into a singular monument in your line of site notice how you feel.  Do you feel balanced, grounded, centered?  Stay in this position and take note of what it would take to pull this into your everyday life.  When you move on know that you are not out of sync now, but merely continuing on your journey.  The balance and centering you experienced is within you always.  Be mindful of your surroundings and how you treat those around you.  If you do those things, you will always be in alignment with your highest good.