Gems of the Goddess



Sekhmet is a powerful Egyptian Goddess.  There are some variations to the spelling of her name – Sachmet, Sakhet, Sekmet, Sakhmet, Sekhet and Nesert.  She is also known as Sacmis, which is a Greek name.   She was the sister and wife of Ptah.  Some places have her linked with the Goddess Hathor.
Sekhmet is a Warrior Goddess and her name means “The Mighty One”.  She was also known as (One) Before Whom Evil Trembles, the Mistress of Dread, the Lady of Slaughter and the Lady of the Flame.  Her head is depicted with a lioness’ head.
She was known as a Solar Goddess and you will see many of her statues, in addition to having the lion’s head, has a solar disc on the top.   Many see her as a Goddess of War and Destruction.  She is tasked with protecting the Pharaohs when they went into battle by shooting arrows.   Sekhmet could be vengeful and could destroy by sending plagues, disease and misery to people.  However, she could easily reverse the effects, which shows the balance between her ability to destruct and to heal.
Sekhmet is part of the story “The Destruction of Mankind.”  Re, a Sun God, created Sekhmet from the fire in his eye to stop people that were plotting against him and being disrespectful.  Sekhmet was always enthusiastic about her slaying job and, once she got a taste of vengeance, she did her job so well she almost eliminated humanity.   Re put a stop to it by getting Sekhmet drunk beer that was colored to look like blood.  She was so tipsy that she abandoned her plans to finish off humanity and they were saved.
To avoid her wrath again, there were daily rituals (every morning and afternoon) performed to Sekhmet every day of each year.  Many statues will built in her honor – over 700.
Sekhmet is identified with Bast (Bastet).  She is known to wear red while Bast wore green.  Sekhmet was considered the Goddesses of the West while Bast was considered Goddess of the East.   Both had the lioness heads.
Her symbols are the lioness, cobra and Urjat (the eye of Horus).   To work with her, let her help with getting rid of anger and dealing with vengeance for a situation but it’s important not to get carried away.  Handling a situation properly will help you see the lessons of the experience much clearer than deal with problems when you’re in a temper.  She helps to transform the anger – letting you be safe to express yourself but stopping you from getting consumed by the fire.
Connecting with Sekhmet is easy – use interactive ways to do so.  Take a shamanic journey or work on doing some interactive meditations.  She is there to help you heal from your demons while acknowledging and facing them.