Hally’s Hints

Travelling in Dreams

I never really thought that much about the impact of my dreams. I understand the varying levels of what is reflected; when something is being communicated from a different plane and the subtle premonitions of the oncoming future. However, there is another aspect to dreams which leaves me wondering.

The Native American Indians believe that our dreams are the portal to the spirit world. This is such a passionate belief of theirs that there is strict protocol of what to do and what not to do when waking from sleep.

There are four to five stages of sleep. This varies generally based on whether it is a female or male’s sleep pattern. This particular statement is not diminishing the myriad of other contributing factors to sleep patterns. For all intense purposes we will focus on the basic fundamental because this really, is a whole other topic for discussion.

The Native American Indians believed that one must not eat breakfast when first waking up. It must be done in stages of waiting at least thirty minutes before consuming a beverage and an hour before ingesting food. This is because your astral self is still in the process of re-connecting to your physical self. If food is eaten it will rush the process which compromises the journey of the dream and the benefits gained.

With this said, it is very important to ensure food is consumed after the specific duration to solidify the connection and in no better terms, to ground oneself, which prevents forgetfulness and that light headed sensation.

Upon reflection, I recall numerous times feeling as though I have been somewhere else but it was different to being somewhere else physically. There is a sense of authenticity which is unlike to the conscious version. It is surreal and the conscious mind has trouble interpreting what really is going on. It is something that must be experienced to be understood. In essence, it is irrelevant because it happens on another level and the conscious mind benefits from behind the scenes.

When I then would wake up I would feel exhausted with the impression that I had travelled very far and wide. There is always that sense of overwhelming happiness, yet I rarely remember the specific details until I return into the dream state.

Physically I would feel flighty and removed from my body where even the simplest process would be done in automation. It is like watching someone else performing something on my behalf.

Earlier today I had that sense of being somewhere else however, I did not make it back in time to reconnect to my physical self so I was still in the in between. When it is a lazy day it is a beautiful, peaceful feeling. On a busy day it can be very daunting. Consequently whilst rushing to catch the train I ended up falling over onto some train tracks as a train was approaching and the gate was closing. Not really a great place to find yourself. It was this shock that got me wondering more about where I had been and why I was still sitting in the in between for some time after.

As the day progressed I realised how much I travel and the impact this has had on my spiritual journey and evolution. It is amazing.

I had read a lot about astral travelling and how this occurs. I however, have never read about it happening from a dream state. Perhaps astral travelling is the wrong term as my understanding of astral travelling is that it does not reflect back to varying times, places, planes and events. I will leave the technical details for those that are better versed in this.

Consider if your dreams take you on a literal journey.

Consider how you feel on the occasion where you find yourself not being present, yet have this amazing sensation running through your ethereal being.

Perhaps you too have been travelling in dreams.