There is beauty in Synchronicity.

A beauty and a wonder, but it is fading fast.

As the human population disagrees on the existence and/or effects of global warming, fragile relationships are disintegrating. It is not enough that global warming is affecting relationships

of creatures, human interference between these relationships has also caused much burden.

While humans argue disintegration continues.

One creature that has existed for millions of years is the horseshoe crab.

Not much thought has been given to this ancient creature.

The horseshoe crab is in decline and one place it is truly being felt is the Delaware Bay.

This simple little creature has been harvested without regulation, without thought, for its meat for bait. This little blue blooded creature also captured human attention for its medicinal qualities of its blood. Bleeding as much as a 1/3 of this creature’s blood, not all survive.

Female horseshoe crabs reach maturity at around nine to ten years of age.

At which point they come to shore to spawn and lay their eggs in the sand.

Enter another creature, the Red Knot Rufa.

This little bird migrates over 9,000 miles to breed.

The journey begins from Tierra del Fuego in Chile and Argentina and ends in the Canadian Arctic regions. During this journey the Red Knot will often fly without stopping for many days and nights.

In this small creatures lifetime it travels the equivalent to the moon and back.

In its final stop in Delaware Bay before flying on to the Arctic, it eats the horseshoe crab eggs.

This is critical for the bird. If it does not have enough fat reserves it will not make the journey and therefore it will perish.

It is a story of delicate Synchronicity with the full moon and seasons.

But this relationship is in trouble. With the decline of the horseshoe crab and their eggs, there is a decline in Red Knots.

Scientists were not aware of this relationship between the horseshoe crab and the Red Knot until a decline in Red Knot populations was discovered. Consequently, a decline in horseshoe crabs was also found.

Pagans and Earth based religions are aware of the intricate connections of life. Over fishing, constant harvesting has an effect all across this planet.

A delicate woven web with broken strands will eventually collapse and the beauty of Synchronicity will be forever gone.

Sadly, relationships like the Red Knot and the horseshoe crab are disintegrating all over the planet whether humans have acknowledged it or not.

The realities of disintegration are not always news worthy often disputed and cast aside for political and social ideologies. No matter how unpleasant these findings are we must acknowledge them. It is crucial not only for these creatures existence, but for our very own.

Compassion must take precedence over ideologies.

Mother Earth is sending us a message and we must listen.

What can we do?

If we are to call ourselves nature lovers then we must take action. It is not enough

to don a cape and wave a wand (though it does not hurt) we must fight for the existence of all creatures.

We must give them a voice.

Volunteer; donate to organizations that are working hard to save endangered species.

Not only are you working towards saving endangered species, you are saving yourself and saving humanity.

We are all connected; each of us can mend a strand. Each of us can make a difference.

It will not be easy, so much damage has been done it can be overwhelming.

If we can find the time to come together for a circle we can come together to save a little bird and a horseshoe crab.

Think of it as one giant circle, cast in love for love.

We owe it to this place we call home.