A Witch’s View

Is craft part of the Craft?

Even though I’m usually very hard pressed to find ‘me time’ during the week I try to spend an hour or two at the weekend doing something crafty.

When I was a child I loved spending time with a needle and thread or with a paint brush in my hand.  I even had, at one point, dreams of being a fashion designer.  Then teenage years hit, followed by the turbulent twenties and it’s only now I’m in my 30s that I’ve rediscovered my love of crafting.  And this coincided with my Pagan path.

I adore taking my camera places then I’ll edit the photos, tweaking here and there (or hitting delete – you have to know when you’re beat sometimes!).  And given the opportunity I’m in the shed mixing resin to make orgonite creations or I’m messing around with bits of wire and crystals.  All these things bring me a great deal of joy and peace.  I get to think about things which normally I’m too busy to ponder – it’s a meditation through creativity.

I know craft projects are not exclusively Pagan but a lot of followers I know also enjoy getting crafty.  Is it the need to make something unique in a cookie cutter world of consumerism which drives us crafters?  Or perhaps the desire to use our hands and minds in a way that’s missing through ‘everyday’ life?

I’d love to know your thoughts.