Numerology, Lesson 1

Introduction to Numerology

Numerical symbols for counting have been around since the very creation of man to mark the means of organization. The dawn of man has brought forth a new meaning to numbers in counting with politics, sports, construction, and other major forms of civilization impacting cornerstones. The ancient Greeks themselves used numbers to help describe the world while Pythagoras used his method, the Pythagorean Method, to assist those in a deeper understanding of these symbols of value as he gave them a new life, yet he was not the first. The Hebrew people themselves have their own methods in deciphering the will of God in the form of the Kabblah using a systems called the Temura, Notariqan, and Gemetria. Aleister Crowley wrote many books and papers on this material of mixing numbers and spirituality and his former student, Israel Regardie, complied his Kabbalistic works as he called the 777 and other Kabbalistic Works of Aliester Crowley. Even in the form of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn magick these three Hebrew methods were mandatory for all members to learn in their magical journey. In the study of the Kabbalah it says there were 22 letters of Creation, thus later influencing the tarot’s major arcana with the letter. These forms of numerology used in tarot used on the Ceremonial Magick path marks the he first key of The Fool card and used the letter Aleph the ox in Hebrew and is represented by the air in astrology, amazingly enough the magicians of past used the number 0 to represent the connection to the Ain Soph in the Fool, or God, instead of the limited 1. This carries the concept “out of nothing comes something”; this would  also encompass the idea of the big bang theory of 0 as well, meaning a sphere of matter explodes out of nowhere causing the expansion of the universe we live in today.  These are one of many books that will assist you for your quest to relate numbers to the spiritual, this is truly a tough task to the untrained eye, but well worth it. The whole idealism as the reason why we turned to numerology is diagnosed to the fact we see numbers all around us and wish to see a deeper meaning in our lives, destiny, and hidden secrets or qualities we may have never expected to find within ourselves, much like the great magicians and philosophers of the past did before our time.

The method I will be utilizing is one that is sound and easy as a whisper to the ears in the modern era, though it is much more limited then other methods. The will be the Pythagorean numbering technique for all of your ways of finding your soul urge number, destiny, karmic number, and all these primary numbers to knowing who you are inside. The Pythagorean method is the easiest of all the methods to perform, however, it is not for everyone. There is an alternative method that was used during the dark ages by magicians called the Chaldean method and this is a bit more tedious to study and learn, but in some cases will give you the answers you might not accept in your mind with the Pythagorean method. I will display them the further you read before the entire lesson on the classification of numbers. The Hebrew method is more difficult then the last two methods, but is more closely related to the connection with God or the AIN SOPH in these numbers.

The positive aspects of the method I will be using are focus around the lack of sophistication of learning another language and getting your letters confused when converting them to the numerical values. The the ease of the Pythagorean technique the basics will be more the easy to learn, even your child can learn these courses without thinking with this very method. I have done a lot of magical experimentation with numerology that has been very affective with the Pythagorean Method. I would take one of the nine meaning and make sure all my letters would add up to the proper number so the goddess of Pallas Athene realizes the efforts I apply to my True Will through all the knowledge I fight to gain. I will admit by far, magically, this method is the second most affective for me in success rate. If this can work for me it can most definitely work for you as well. The negatives in the Pythagorean method and Chaldean method are both very limited by the fact there are only the numbers one through nine, which will give you are very limited meaning to what you are looking for in yourself, so I personally choose the ways of the old Judaism magicians. In my personal opinion there are always more then 9 answers. During the time the Pythagoras way of counting was in tact with the Greeks there was a number missing, zero. Many of the modern numerologists now use the number zero to the Hebrew definition or with the tarot meaning, unity with God. So this method to me is one of the most effective and changing everyday to match our very needs to find ourselves and inner peace.

Numerology itself has it’s own taste and art that is somewhat opposite to the conclusion used in regular mathematics used in school. As an example I will use the name Bob, it adds up to 10. Standard mathematics this stays as 10, but in numerology we add a twist! If 10 was the final say in the name we add 1+0= 1. We do this due to the fact we keep numbers in the one through nine. The numbers we will not change are the master numbers on the other hand. The master numbers are 11, 22, 33, 44, and so on. These numbers carry a special power by adding the double resonance of the same number, but there is a lot more risk involved when you have a power number and can completely be your downfall, I should know I have 11 in my first name and 33 in my last name; so you will realize you have to keep yourself in check in some parts of your life the equation represents. When I write these numbers I will also but the addition with breaking the master numbers down though it is not traditionally done, so the equation of 11 would look like this 11/2 or 1+1=2.  The next set of numbers for the lecture is the karmic dept numbers or the number that represents something have not experienced in a past life. These number are  13/3, 14/5, 16/7. and 19/1. The karmic dept numbers are not recommended not to be broken down as well. These numbers represent what will or has happened to you in which you have to take and learn from in order to prosper. Particularly these numbers can give you warning signs on what obstacle you have to embrace for in the future.

Numbers, Letters, and their meaning in the Pythagorean Method of Counting

1= A, J, S and means Independence

2= B, K, T and means Partnership

3= C, L, U and means artistry

4= D, M, V and means Builder

5= E, N, W, and means Seeker

6= F, O, X and means Roots/Home

7= G, P, Y and means Sacred Quest

8= H, Q, Z and means Wealth/Visionary

9= I, R and means Transformation

At this point I feel like I must make it clear that the numbers one through nine are very vague like I said before, but the gods and goddesses themselves keep information vague so we can find our very own path. So when the deities in the celestial heavens allowed this system, along with many other divine numbering systems of divinity, they kept them lacking detail so we can learn about ourselves and solve the riddle of life on own. I do not want to feel like just just because eight is your destiny number that you should be entitled to being a millionaire and on that note just because numerology dictates it. The number eight could merely mean you have many ideas that are used on a small scale to help you gain wealth in terms “emotional” or “spiritual” wealth. Everyone has their very own meaning of wealth and the gods will only accompany you with their meaning of wealth on your destiny. So take the information with a grain of salt in this case, find out what these numbers mean to you, and come up with your own views. The goal of this class is for you to be educated enough to form your own opinions by experimentation and draw up your own results. Every different person and culture has various views on these numbers, but I am going by the western esoteric style of using these numbers.

Master and Karmic Dept Numbers, Letters, and their meaning in the Pythagorean Method of Counting

11/2 and means Peace Messenger

22/4 and means Master Builder

33/6 and means Great Healer

44 /8 and means Abundant Power

13/4 and means Taking Shortcuts or the Wrong Effort

14/5 and means Self-indulgence

16/7 and means Bad Love/ Mistrust in Love

19/1 and means Selfishness/ Wrong Authority

Once again I wish to state as I did above, learn the knowledge; but take it with a grain of salt. The gods have their own view to send to you with the use of these numbers.

The information provided above on the chart “Numbers, Letters, and their meaning in the Pythagorean Method of Counting” lets work on figuring out how to add names up and find out the deeper meaning of your name. Keep in mind only use your legal name! Lets use the specific name Robert. The key to figuring out how to convert the letters into numbers is in the chart: R=9, O=6, B=2, E=5, R=9, and T=2. Now comes the easy part, add them all together. 9+6+2+5+9+2 = 33, so we do not reduce this due to the fact it is a power number, 33/6. So Robert is 33. Lets do Anthony now: A=1, N=5, T=2, H=8, O=6, N=5, Y=7. The equation would now be 1+5+2+8+6+5+7=34, this time we break down 24 since it is not a master number or karmic number: 3+4=7. In conclusion this what the total for Anthony. Lets revert back to the name of Robert and see what that name can be in depth to the character named Robert, the number is 33/6 revolving around the idea of being a Great Healer and with the last name Anthony it means this individual is also has  a great sense of spirituality involved in his or her life as well with the number 7.

The last segment of this lesson consists of dates of birth and the significance of your birth, much like how important your natal chart is with the proper time and date of your birth. In numerology we use the method of month/day/year. Lets say the birthday of John is  10/2/2000, breakdown the month, day and year and memorize them. These will be used separately for the upcoming lessons on the equations for the next few months to come. 1(10=1+0= 1) as the month, 2 as the day, and 2 (2000=2+0+0+0=2) as the year. Now add these up together and you obtain your Destiny Number or also known as your life path number. So 5 will be John’s life path number. The Life Path number determines your destiny, John’s destiny is to be a seeker of knowledge and answers in his life as is dictated by 5.

I would like to say my farewell to all of you to who have read this article and appreciate your time to read this article. If there are any questions, concerns, or comments feel welcome to email me at [email protected] with the subject as ” Numerology Question”, “Numerology Concern”, or “Numerology Comment”. I will reach you ASAP.

My deepest Blessings to all of you,

The Vayutiger